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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Demicratic Slave owners Were Attact 150 Years ago Today,The (CIVIL WAR )Began.,Republicans Decided ,Slavery Will End

Today is a historic day america,The south started Takeing slavesin the early years to help there cotton industry,and there commerse,There wasnt enough americans to help with the farming,So african people were captured ,chained,and piled onto ships,and braught back to america,and were sold to rich plantation owners.thus begging the most contraversal humon rights battle ever seen.After almost 50 yrs of the abuse inflicted on the slaves,The union presadent said enough,And the 1st shot was fired at ft summter,150 yrs ago today,starting the most bloody life costing war ever faught on our shores.over 650,000 americans died,more than all wars combined,to date.You would think after the struggle the black americans had-the struggle they indured all these years,that Raceisum wouldnt be a problem,but it is.The republicans in america seen it was wrong 150 years ago,and faught and died,because it was wrong,Here we are today,150 years later,Even though were equal,were all 1 There are no more slaves,The events of 150 years ago is still playing a big part in politics.Even though history books will show ,republicans never owned slaves ,only demicratic americans owned slaves,80% of black americans are demicrats,they support demicratic policies and presadents.This bothers me,why would african americans support the vary party who was slave owners,why would african americans condem the vary party who freed them.The Demicratic party since our nations birth have been socailists,thats why slavery was so popular.the rich plantation owners got richer, the poor and the slaves were dependent on there rich servive.Does this sound familer.Yes america the republican party have always been capitalists,yes the rich got richer,but jobs were created by these rich americans,inableing even poor americans to work prosper-and become live the american dream,as free americans,americans could start there own busnesses,build there own homes ,own there own land.all americans were free,Threw the years since the war,there were radical wings of the demicratic party,who hated republicans for takeing there slaves,for makeing african americans equal,This pissed them off.white raceist groups were started everywere.the KKK,-Was born.the next 75 years america struggled ,with raceisum,segragation thrived.african americans again-were dieing,In the 60s things started to change,MLK became there leader,he had a dream,the same dream the republicans had (that all americans,could live free and equal.)What happened america,Why does 80% of black americans support the vary people who inslaved them,Our history books told the story,Ill tell you what happened,politics,played a big part,socailisum started thriveing in the 60s.people like bill ayres, anti-american,racial ass-hole like him was determined capitalisum would be defeated,the left never got over looseing there slaves,and today,there still fighting for socailisum,still fighting to get there slaves back.And black americans are supporting them.the dems seen a youngwell spookin black polition,and seen there chance to once again rule this country,Buy invocking race and accuseing republicans of being raceist.they marched right into the whit house,thus takeing back control.the next 2 years were the beggining of the end for free useing green job ,promises,banning drilling,driveing up gas costs,thus causeing the shipping industry to raise there costs,has given us 4.00 a gal gas,higher food costs,higher cost of liveing everywere,thus once again makeing us depended on goverment again.the republican party are pussies,they no what the dems are doing,they now the dems are rapidly building there new socailist goverment,republicans are cowards,there accused of being raceist if they speek out,So instead of stopping this socailist take over of our country,they choose to do nothing.the biggest problem is black americans are supporting this party,untill african americans open there eyes,and see the truth about there half white president,and the radical left wing crooks like reid and polosie,untill they see the light,were done.The only hope we have is the multicultured teaparty.this group is made up of all races,nationalitys,all with 1 goal,takeing back the country,restore the constatutional values our country once for the left,theyll fight it with any means possable.because they now theyve pushed this beyond te no return mark ,they no-there going to jail.they no if they loose.after everything theyve done.they will be jailed for the rest of there lives ,for treason.Pray america,the black americans see the light soon.We as americans,freed them from slavery-now they have a chance to stop this radical take over.if black americans stand up and say now we see what your doing,and go against the dems,and stop obamma,that will be the beginning of rebuilding our nation,to once again be proud free strong americans,god bless america,

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