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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

America We Must Stay The Course-We Cant Back Down Now,(THE TEAPARTY MUST STAY THE COURSE)EVERYONE CLICK THIS LINK,Leave your feelings in comment box

America we must stay the course,plz at bottom of this blog ,click comment and leave your feelings about this,amy must have been gottin to,we have come to far,the house leader reads my blog im always beating him up,let him no (stay the course,)amy only represents my,we will stay the course,shes only 1 vote,we are many.let congress no ,stay the course.plz leave comment at bottom of blogg,and copy paste and send this link to everybody.

1 comment:

RENEGADE said...

we must stay the course,demicrats have distroyed our country,we have to get radical,to counter and repare the radical things the dems and obamma did to us,stay the dam course,amy,whatever they paid you give it back or step down,we dont need you.

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