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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

America Has Been Overthrown,By our Own Goverment.,By refuseing To Impeach Obamma,Theyve Made It Clear,(WE THE PEOPLE )No longer Matter,War is Drawing Near.

America we are in big shit,obamma and his radical left wing anti-american nuts,are going overboard.obamma is trying his best to turn us against each other.obamma and his cronnies need blood in the street,to accomplish there goals,ive come to the conclution,weve lost any hope of a pieceful resoloution,our freedoms and libertys,are about to be taken from us.obammas not worried about 2012 elections.he wants us fighting in the streets,he wants marshal law.and it looks like hes gonna get his wish.the 1 person in this country thats keep the peace going,between us is glenn beck.the left hate him because he woke us up.the demicratic voters have turned into animals,i just deleted some flat out horable comments from left wing nut cases,telling me im dead,your dead,scary afraid obammas getting his wish,think about it,who is left to defend our freedom,just us,im convinced the republican party is about as bad,there probly in on this hostile take over of our country,if they were true americans,who believed in our constatution,the republicans would have already impeached this trator,but instead they do nothing,our only friends we have in the congress,are the teaparty freshman,but whats 40 freshman gonna do with these radical left wing anti-american politions,and the pussies on the right,claiming to love there country. they impeached clintonfor getting a blow job,and wont touch this out right trator.hes broken multipal constatutional laws,nobody says anything.worried about being called raceist,hell i was just accused of hateing obamma on this blog because hes black,its crazy,black has nothing to do with it,its the man,if the left was given no other charges to file against obamma,but 1 its hes never proven hes a us citizun,never.its against the law to become presadent if your not a legal american,thats all congress needs,but they do nothing.america,the republican party has to be in on this shit,otherwise obamma would already be gone.Its time we face reality.were on our own,we dont have a goverment we can turn to.they dont care they work for us.america is no more if we dont stop um,if i had my way,id starting shooting every demicrat i seen,but we cant do that,its illegal,but trust me,ill neer fire on my own countryman,unless im fired on 1st,when that happens its me america,some post i got tonight,scared me.these far left radical demicrats,are freekin nuts,be carefull.theyll do anything ,to please obamma,that includes killing us,im just saying get ready,form your own little buddy system,and get ready,obamma has got everything in place.were going to war,god help us.hes paid the unions big bucks to sture this shit up,and buy god its working,we must stand up my patriotic friends our countrys bleeding,if you dont get out there right now,let your voices be heard,were finished,dont depend on the republicans,theyve shown nothing but cowardes bull-shit.the next few months will be critical to our servival.if you dont get out there,hit the streets,show your love for this country,were done.its war,why do i say this,ill die before ill give up this country,ill fight to my last brath,defending this country,our founding fathers impowerd us ,gave us the right to run our mouth,exspress our feelings,and they gave us the 2nd amendment to defend it,rise up unite my friends,unless obammas impeached and his radical base is jailed,were going to war.soon obammas radical islamic brothers he invited into our country will hit us hard,many areabout to die,and obammas not even attempting to round um up.dont trust anybody.its in there bible/the karan,they must kill the infadels,its there calling,they lie when they say its a book of love,thats bull shit i just read part of it,,the karan is a hate book.and obamma is still a muslum,it states in the karan,,its like the mafia,once youyr in your in,the only way out is death,obamma is still mulum,our congressman no it,theyve allowed a illegal imagrent to become our presadent.we cant trust anyone friends ,all we got is ourselfs,unite team up ,protect each other,americas servival is up to us,shes got,no body else.GOD BLESS AMERICA.

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