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Sunday, March 6, 2011


America were at that dreaded cross road,between fallowing party lines or brakeing ranks and go with reallity.The pope anounched today he thinks we do need a 1 world order,The most respected high ranking christain leader,announces a socailist lead goverment is good,a goverment who steps on religion,in the popes eyes is good,What does this tell you america,this socailist movement reaches farther then we ever dreamed.Today obamma annouces hes concidering opening oil reserves,why would he do this,all he has to do is open up our own oil fields to drilling,that annoucement allone,would lower oil prices,but no hed rather open up oil reserves and drain them,why,why would he drain our oil supply at a time like this,were on the verge of being over run by islamic radicals,illegal imagration at a all time high,millions of radicals with in our borders ready to hit soft targits as soon as the orders given,weather its from obama or ben laden,im not sure now whos the big guy in charge,obamma has showed every sighn that hes in charge,regardless what you guys think.Something is wrong,The politically correct responce if were to get the upper hand on this is to impeach obama,but the dems have braught back raceisum ,buy accuseing anyone who goes against obama,its so sad that the politions in power right now ,the same ones the teaparty impowerd is still afraid to go against obamma,we impeached bill clinton for getting a blow job,and we cant impeach obama for shreading our constatution,bull,america its time you stop fallowing the party line and what they say do and start thinking outside the box,lission im a life long demicrat,ive been accused of being a ragan dem,i was told im a republican in discise,because i voted for him,,i voted for bill clinton,i voted for bush,why would i vote for a republican ,when im a demicrat,easy answer america,im a patriotic american 1st,a demicrat 2nd,i vote for the best qualified to run for that office.Ivoted for palin/mc cain-for the simple reason,i seen obamas bull-shit straight up from the start.i felt mccain/palin was our best shot,i still feel that way.America after the pope openly supported /a 1 world order,i started shacking,my god,even the pope supports the distrution of america,and supports a goverment,who completely goes against god and his laws,/this tells me the pope,has to be in on this,the pope is from germany,the birth place of socailist rule,makes sence dont it.America plz,open your eyes,start thinking for yourself,stop thinking what your party tells you to think,and start thinking whats best for our country,whats best for our children,whats best for our gran children,think outside the box ,if you dont,were finished,the gift of freedom our founding fathers gave us will be gome,the gift our fallin heros gave us of there death,for our freedom is gone.its all gone if we dont stand up now and end it.obama is our enommie,reid is our enommie,polosie is our enommie,there refusal to allow drilling so we dont need to depend on other countrys,there refusal to close our boarders to keep us safe,is proff,allowing 34 known terrist jihad training camps to openly trainwith in our borders ,under the protection of the freedom of religion act is proff,this administration,is our enommie,they must be demicratic friends,i no deep inside you love this country,i ask you in the name of freedom and love for our people,stop,stop,stop,fallowing party lines,were almost to the point of no return,its time now to stand up be a proud american and say,enough,obamma your out of here,we need more than anytime in the past,a strong leader,willing to make the tuff dissions,we need them impowerd right the right thig america,now is the time.(GOD BLESS OUR GREAT COUNTRY,)

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