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Sunday, March 6, 2011


America in times like were in today,our country needs leader-ship,not cowards like who we have running america today,obama and his people cant even say war on terror,They afraid theyll piss of there base,plus the vary people trying to over throw us,islam.yes america were at war with islam,not terrist,not muslums,(islam,)islam is a ideoligy thats begun 1000s of years ago,by mohamad,america,this idioligy wont fly in our culrure,it will distroy us,we must stop pussie foot-in around with these guys,this culture,before they distroy us,america we need leader ship,we need someone who will take this problem on head on and not be afraid of the politically correct respones our politions are doing now,if we dont stand up and except the fact were not in a war on terror ,were at war with islam,allen west is a mans man,he dont care what the left thinks of him,all he cares about is preserving our freedom,and our culture.America needs to stop take a deep breath and we continue on this path of distrution,and thats exacully what it is,we are a nation badlly divided,we are a nation once proudly stated (we are 1 nation under god,),not like obama saying (were 1 nation under many gods )wake up were not 1 nation under many gods,)if you want a nation under many gods ,move to A nation under british rule,theres proff it dont work,America its time we stand up and say enough,send obama a clear message,hes threw,his vission of a new america and ours are oppisite,im finished,i hope you are to.we need allan west,politically correct answers must stop.Watch this vidio of allan west,

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RENEGADE said...

watch this vidio of allan wast,youll see a side of him youll like

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