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Sunday, March 6, 2011


what in gods name is going the pop jumps in on this socailist 1 worlds goverment,how deep are there close minded people imbeaded.i now theve been out there for years,slowly working there commie invilitraters,into our goverment structures,but the pop,my god how deep have they gottin into our top im scared,this has gottin to the point,were 2012 is looking farther and farther away.people after lissioning to this,and looking at the bull-shit obamma has done and continues to do.watching our politions still cater to him,even after the ass kickin they got,watching republicans who were put in charge,because of the teaparty,given a chance again to prove they got it,and understand they work for us.even after all this.the republicans are not lissing the public eye there acting big,but behind close doors same ole bull-shit politics going on.we said cut spending now,there again makeing back door deals with the demicrats.we have 3 teaparty canadates going along with the old school politions.compramiseing on how much to cut.guys were in deep shit here,dont no who to trust now.its time( we the people )-take charge.this must be stopped,now the pop in on this new world order,im afraid it we the people dont organise and unite now,we could accully loose it looks more and more like its us against them,people this is no longer a game,its no longer politically correct.were being rapidally over thrown from within our own god the pop.this proves clearly that its not just the united states being took over,its spread global,there doing the same thing world wide,there everywere.The ball game just changed friends.there ready to go all the way with this,we must stop um,we cant pussie foot around any longer,we have to get in the trenches now and get bloody if need to.our 1st and most importent thing we must do is stop obamma,dead in his tracks,impeach him right now.i no this wont be easy,but why hes broken at least 17 of our constatutional laws,with his back door politics,dam people we impeached clinton for getting a blow job,and we cant stop this man.wake up,we must unite now,we must show the left what there doing,we must show the dems and there supporters theyve been used by this political machine,to over throw our goverment.obamma must be impeached fast.the republicans for the sack of our country,must stop worring about politically correct responces,and go after him.this isnt race,never has been race,the race card is what the left is useing to push there agenda,say 1 thing against obama ,your raceist,well tired,these demicrats arnt real demicrats,there trators to our country,our people,there socailist commies who snuck into power under the unbrella of the demicratic party.its not the common american demicrat oing this,there still good people,(im a demicrat,)have been all my life,i just woke up to what was going on.people go after the real demicrats,trust me a real true dem will lission to you.we must all rallie togeather fast,if were to win this and take back our god if we dont get off our asses and do something besides type on face book,were gonna loose ,(the united states of america)under socailist rule.not as long as i breath the air my god gave me.

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