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Saturday, March 26, 2011


America you must open your eyes to the truth,Before the radical left drags our country back into time.As a country we have come a long way,The civil-rights fight black america has indured,is beyond words.But if the real truth isnt braught out vary fast.Our nation will be drug back into time,were equal rights to all will no longer exsist.Its documented in our history books,you dont have to believe me.(ALL SLAVE OWNERS WERE DEMICRATS.)-The republican party,the boys in blue,were the party who was against slavery,After the civil war,when slavery was abolished,And the civil rights movement began,black americans,continued being killed,torcherd,hung,raped,mutilated,by a part of america that refused to let go.(THE DEMICRATS,)the presadent who set them free was assasinated for that vary reason.The demicrats have been fighting every since and held a grudge against republicans for this defeat,look it up,its all there.Even todays politics,black americans are at center in political wars,why.Because Slavery was the 1 black mark ,this country has,that will never be forgottin.The black vote has been caterd to for generations.The only problem is,The truth has been coverd up.If Black Americans,were told the truth,Our great nation would not be were we are today.Yes im a demicrat,have been all my life,but like millions of americans,left and right,I was raised,to now the truth,threw my parants,and my school,i was taught about the wrongs of slavory,The trouble id the demicrats couldnt regain power and control over the country,because of the real-truth about slavory,Something had to be done.Thats when the socailist movement was born.the beliefs in the demicratic ways,and the beliefs of the commuist ways were so much alike,its was gradually incorperated into 1.(the socailist movement.)threw the years,they were able to get into our school systems,and start takeing out parts of history,teaching our children,what they wanted them to now.not the most cases (the truth will set you free )but in this case,the truth will hurt you.This brings us to todays politics,the stage is set,this generation of americans have been re-programmed,the truth has been coverd up.And the demicratic left/and the socailist movement has made there move.Now some how if we dont get the truth out there fast.america will fall.Today i ask every american,dont take my word for it,dont trust me,look it up.for yourself,the truth is still there in the history books,just coverd up with garbage,from the your eyes america,open your eyes my black american friends,youve been lied to by your party,your teachers lied to you.your goverment lied to you.think outside the box.look and lission,look up the civil war history,youll see im telling you the truth,Obamma is a fraud,a puppit of the left,You must rise up ,(piecefully)While we still have a voice,and demand obamma step down,demand reid,polosie and a few others are impeached,removed from office.dont mater what clor you are,were americans,under our constatution we have the right to kick these maggits out of office right now,we dont need a election.all we need is one we can restore this country back to the dreams of our founding fathers.will you help us.

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