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Friday, March 25, 2011

The Demicratic Party betrayed this Country-Theyve Sold-Out Our Country,For Power,The Intire Party Are Treasonists

As the country falls apart,Obamma gets us in another war,I ask myself,in gods name what happened.The demicratic party has disinagrated.What happened to them.At 1 time,we were a party to be proud of.know im ashammed to even admit im a demicrat.Thank god my parents loved there country enough to teach me.Before i vote,know who your voteing for.I vote exacully that way,whoever i feel is best suited for that job,is who i vote for,I dont care what party there afileated with.My god just to vote for a guy cause hes in your party,is insane.Our country was once a strong proud nation,look at us now.Because of this smooth talking illinos senater,(and community organiser )the demicratic party went nuts,all they heard was change you can believe in,distribute the wealth,the rich are greedy,im gonna give you there hard earned wealth.THEY FELL FOR IT,hook line and sinker.Now look at us.Instead of lissioning to the far left media,or the demicratic politions,tell you how grate this self apointed god is,you should checked him out yourself.politions wanted you to vote for him,because all they seen was a chance to regain power.the politions on the left are crooks,they betrayed our country,in the name of power.hell with the country,power,power,power.Our founding fathers new this could happen,that polition would be corrupted,So to cure this problem,they inacted the 1st ammendment,freedom of speech,freedom ,to tell our politions were to get off,with fear of punishment.then to assure we could protect our great nation,they wrote into law.the 2nd ammendment,(the right to bare arms,)the right to form a mailta,why,to protect us from all enommies forighn and domestic,yes america,our founding father armed us to protect us from our own goverment.they seen this day comeing.And how did we get here.Because you voted this man in office without useing your heads,without checking him voted for him simply because he was a wasted the most valuable gift of all,(your right to vote )America were in big shit.I feel the demicratic party betrayed us and our country.every single demicrat needs to be voted out of office ,and replaced,dem,rep,teapartyer,i dont care,they need to be fired,if they fallowed or supported the distructive path,this man lead them down.theres a reason why he refuses to show his birth records,hes not a legal citizon.he not even sappose to be our presadent.unless your born right here in america,you can not ever run for presadent.,theres a reason for it.And (barrak hussan obamma)-is that reason.Hes gonna bring down our nation.distroyour freedom,and you have every single demicrat in this country to blame,if they voted for him.If i had my way,id file treason against the intire demicratic party.but we no that wont happen.But the least they could do id make this horrable wrong right.insist he step down right now,not in 2012,at least this would give us time to repair the damage ,before it gets any worrse.Buy now they must see there mistake.I dont see the dem politions saying step down,because obamma owns them,he will bring um all down.they broke so many constatuctional laws this past 2 years,when they are charged,and they will be.theyll all spend the rest of there lives behind bars.theyve used the race card to keep this trator in office,if you said anything against him,you were our republican right wing pussies are to afraid to impeach him,in fear theyll be called a raceist.its so,so sad our politions have stooped so low as to betray there country,in the name of power.All i can say is i pray the demicratic american can see what theyve done and rise up-insist he leave.because if they dont,by 2012,our freedom will be squashed,there wont ever be another free election,because socailist goverments are run by elections,people dont choose,these commie animals rule.we will be stuck with obamma till he dies,or hes about done ,but we got 1 more problem ,thats worse than obamma,thats the terrist thrat hanging over us.theres a reason why our borders arent shut down,obamma has allowed our country to be over run by mexicans and terrists,thats why obammasinsisting we recognise (sharea law.)he nows were about to be hit,he knows ,many americans are about to die,were about to be murderd by the 1000s,beheded,mutilated in the name of mohannad.yes america,he even used the demicrats,there just to stuppid to see it.obamma is a muzzy,hes allowing his brothers into america,and vary soon,the word will be given,and its on.your presadent set you up america.his muslum ass is doing what his god ordered,to bring down the elected a muzlum america,you invited evil to run our country,you better get him out of office vary soon,so we can get ready and prepare ,because its about to get vary evil in this country.i feel deeply we will get hit this summer,We have to ,if obammas gonna issue marshal law,to stop the elections,and keep his power ,it must start this summer,arm yourself america.and pray the demicrats come to reallity vary soon,vary fast.we are running out of time.

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