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Saturday, March 26, 2011


More Allen West awesome on Islam from last night town hall

Last night West was confronted by a Muslim who was concerned about his outspoken view of Islam, suggesting that he wasn’t taking the time to sit down with the Muslims in his community to explain himself. Below is West’s awesomely awesome response:
I think I’ve been very clear in explaining myself. I think my service in this country, my service overseas in the Islamic world has been very clear. And your children are American children. When I say that I will protect the life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness, that means for every single American, that means for your child. When I talk about these slides up here that means ensuring the fiscal future for your children and their national security.
But what I have to tell you [is that] there is a radical element out there. And I never talk about Muslims, I talk about a radical Islamic ideology. I talk about a theocratic political construct which is very threatening to not just me, but it’s threatening to you!
When I was in Afghanistan and I was in Iraq, I had many Muslims that were being killed by the enemy. I saw pictures of interpreters that worked with us who were found by the enemy and they were beheaded. I went in the villages where people were throwing acid on little girls that were going to school.
Now if you don’t want me to stand up against that type of ideology, I gotta tell you, I ain’t changing because I don’t want to see that happen.
There’s definitely more awesomeness in the video so watch the whole thing. Have I mentioned how awesome it is yet?

1 comment:

RENEGADE said...

the more i lission to this guy ,the more i like him,were was he when america dicided we needed a black presadent,plz america,dont let the wrongs of obamma,and the demicrats,cloud your judgement on this man,he knows our history,he knows who freed the slave,he knows whats best for all americans,I just wish i could wiggle my nose and make obamma disapear,and this man re-apear.america you need to take a good long look at this man.

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