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Monday, February 28, 2011

The Year, America Died,July 4th,2011,

I never dreamed id ever be so afraid as i am now.For 223 years ,this country thrived,America was the envey of the world.around the world people would dream about comeing to america,liveing the good life.going to a country,were you can all you want,if you were willing to work for it.Our way of life,our freedom,our security,all laid out by our founding fathers,Was a fool-prof blue print,(The United States Constatution )the blue print the world enveyed.How in gods name could this wonderful country possably be distroyed,It just couldnt happen,imposable ,our constatution wont allow it.Well it has,Our founding fathers warned us of our enommies abroad,and they also warned us of our own goverment,being corrupted,that we could be threatend from with-in our own halls of congress.Yes america what the founding fathers pridicted ,happened.We are at this vary min,being set up,for a massive take over,buy our own goverment.i no you say bull-shit,well its not.The odd thing is it started years islamic radicals taught there youths at a vary young age,to hate the infadels,there for growing up to hate exacully what they were taught,america.Well the same thing happened here my friends,the socailist communist movement started here a long time there progressive children grew up went to school,graduated,then they became teachers then intern,they taught our children that our way of life is wrong,they taught our children that our military were killers of low class people around the world.they gradually over the years,have been able to change the way people thought,our kids were taught not to ask your country what you can do it,but to ask your country what you can get from it.a perfict example is madison,it broke my heart to watch these kids stand up proudly denigrate this country,proudly call our troops killers of inocent people.proudly tell the world there like egypt,and pray they will win this do you fight against cant hate these kids,not there fault,it was there educaters,there teachers,who programmed them,now these same teachers have there students skipping school.helpping them in there attempt to collaps our goverment.But the sad thing out of all this our vary own presadent,is motivateing them to do it.the same presadent who has our constatution to thank for him even being presadent,is motivateing the socailist movement to go for it,its now or never.barrak hussain obamma.a african born man,raised by a islamic radicalist,is our presadent,how did this happen,federal judges aponted by presadent clinton,have blocked any attemps to prove his leagal statice ,has been squashed,the suprean crt justice he just appointed,was involved in several of the ruleing,that prevented him from proveing his statice,why,what is he hideing.all the clouds hanging over him ,nobody questions him,does that make you wander,whats going on,in his 2 yrs in power,hes forced bills threw congress with no objection,from anybody ,why,well 1 is republicans were never allowed a say,demicrats was the rulling party,if you said anything,you were accused of being a raceist.useing this race card,demicrats slammed bill after bill threw,uncontested,spending us into total collaps,paid unions billions,for what,should be clear america,this is the well armed army he told you about,hes backed and supported by the union and the mob,now why would he do this.dead fish emanual leaves his post,goes to chicago.daley leaves his post goes to be with obamma,isnt it odd ,all they did was switch jobs,chicago mayors seat was baught and paid for no who.america this is all in the well planned stratagy,ok now the new socailist goverment has its structure in place,the new socailist goverment is in place,now you cant just say,america your freedoms over,your way of life just changed,were your new leaders,cant do that,to sudden people would rise up.cant do that,well whats up then,simple,they ned the perfict storm,they need a disater to happen,they need a excuse to issue (marshal law.)that wont be easy,they must have a massive fear stratagy,that should be easy.stir up the middle east,incourage a upriseing among islamic people,openly back um,cause middle eastern countrys to fall ,collaps throw the oil markets into turmoil.cause products we buy to be slowed down ,by shipping channels to close,walla-we have oil shooting up wildley,befor spring gas will be 5.00 a gal or more,now were on the brink of collaps,but americans are tuff,weve been threw hard will take 1 more thing,1 more major disacter,how about islamic terrests getting the word,attact,kill all the infadels,alaha says kill.kill.kill,all americans,we have millions of islamic people in america,america,this is the perfict storm,while gas goes so high you cant afford to drive,food goes so high you cant afford to eat,this will drive you to the newly formed socailist goverment now in place in chicago.but while your trying to take care of your family,you have another fear.that your kids on there way to school could be blowen up,terrists dragging them from buses,and beheading them,your wife being raped ,beheaded,efverybody will be in fear of there any min your door could be kicked in,and these terrist will come in and kill your intire family in the most brutal ways known to man,all this will come to pass in the vary near future.why do i say this,easy,under all the presure were already under because of terrist activity,why would obamma invite 3-million islamic people to rallie at our white house,on our countrys day of celibration ,of the declaration of god in heaven,why that day,why july 4th,is obamma flat stuppid,or does he now something we that the day,our country becomes offically,under sharea law.will this be there victory celibration.america are we it to late,i see no way out,the demicratic party is in on this,a big part of our young brain washed children,the unions,anything short of his imedeate impeachment,and the presadent office be replaced with a presadent who has the balls to act swift hard and fast,to retake our country,and establish order world wide.obamma has distroyed us,anything less than total unity by the people,and a willingness to die for this country,were finished.i cant see unity in this country right now,were so divided,the left is so brainwashed,i dont see it.god help us,10s of thousands of american lives ,lost so we can live free,was all for nothing,obamma has fundamentally transformed america.

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