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Saturday, February 26, 2011


America wake up,plz.why would the muslums pick our day of celibrating our indapendence,to rallie at our capital steps,Why that day.Do they no something we dont.Or,Is there a more sinister reason.Is the perfict storm about to hit.Is this date the offical end of our indapendence.Think about it,obamma nows a terrist rallie on that day at our state capital,will drive americans insain.So why allow this to happen.Is it possable the perfict storm is about to hit sooner than later,is it possable that madison rallies were the begging of it,Obamas union thugs are already paid,he gave them billions of our tax dollars,Could the unions be the well armed civilion army he told us about.The unions are natoreace for starting shit,bringing blood to the streets,now with this going on,and keeping our attention on them.Could it be that the millions of muslum terrists hes already allowed in,is about to start there rain of terror-on us on a differnt front.And keeping all this in mind ,we have the middle east falling apart,soon our food will sky rockit,our gas will go out of reach,the products we buy,goes up because the water ways thats used is closed down,Think,is all this turmoil caused by 1 sinister plan.never in our history has our vary exsistence ever been put in jepordy,but it is.i pray im wrong america,but ive studied this over and over.ive got a bad,bad,feeling.were threw,america is about to fall to a 1 world order,socailist rule is about to be forced apon us.The sad thing america,you could of stopped this,but you didnt,I dont now if theres a way out of this,i see 1 chance maby,but thats not likely, were to divided now to unite,if we could get the left to see what theyve done,and get them to unite with us and march on washington and every state capital,and insist on his removel.and reinstal a new goverment who will govern by our constatutional rules only,then maby we got a chance.Im scared to death ,weve already blew any hope of saveing ourselves.soon our streets will flow with blood,and we can blame nobody but ourselves,GOD HELP US.

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