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Friday, February 25, 2011


Dont let anybody kid you america ,This is who there after.this man.This whole thing is over this man.Until hes defeated,theyll never win.its not got a thing to do with distrabution of wealth.its this man .our laws are based on and built around this man.our constatution and laws are built around (natural law )what is natural law,simple ( its gods law ),natural law forbids the distruction of humon rights.America this is there goal.Unless our god is deafeated,there agenda will never happen.This is the man whos keep America strong all these years.For years gods been the target of left wing radicals,the art of faggitry,is outlawed,in (natural law )killing babys worshipping other gods,The 10 commandments is at the heart of our constatution.We now have far left activist judges,rewriteing these laws,trying to take america in a differnt direction.So they can bring a new way of life into the piture.but saddly gods not in it.Dont let them kid you,look up the definition of socalisum,and communisum,you wont find god there.Obamma and his left wing radicals are bringing there vision of a new america,Can you amagine liveing in a country with out god.i cant,i refuse to live in fear all my life.Look it up,dont trust me,reserch it,youll see i tell the truth,If revolations is correct,and up till now,its been right on target,our end is near.This is nothing but a finall attempt,at beating god.Now you as americans have to deside now.knowing his return according to the bible is soon,vary soon,He warned us of this man comeing,convinceing you his way is right.America its your choose,are you gonna go ahead with this crusafition of our god ,by obamma.Or will you burn in hell with diside.the wrong dission will hell and eternal damnation and pain unlike anything you can imagine.may god help you ,if you make the wrong dission.

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