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Thursday, February 24, 2011


this idiot GADDAFI has to be nuts,he has smoked to much crack,he has lost it,but with the anti american bull-shit our presadents doing,after his appoligy tour,and after his ties to code pink.and the brother we find ties to this crack head,im scared to death,we might be to late,to stop obama.its well within our power to make our politions impeach him on the spot,but americans are just sitting there,doing nothing,americans im afraid have been brain washed by the left that everything we see on tv and internet is faults,all lies by 1 outlet-lmfao-(fox news)my god is america that lame to believe the news outlet can brain wash god,is obama right,when he says-our nation ,is a nation of cowards,are we,im beginning to wander.Its been proven ,time ,and,time again,obamas a anti-american ,who dispises this country,in his campain his own wife said shes hates this country,only after his election,did she say she was proud of god america,are you cowards-are your so discusted with this country ,your willing to let this man distroy us,are you,were only a few months from out-right war in this country,were just a few short months,of inocent americans dieing,because your belief in this bastard,you dum-asses better stop and think real hard on this and on the out come are you so up-set with america youll sacrafice your fellow americans lives and your freedom for it.think real hard america,in a few short months it will be to late-to turn back-america all our lives are now in your hands,not obammas,are future is in the american peoples hands now,we impeach obamma now,-or we give up our freedom.and our diside america,(GIVE ME LIBERTY,OR GIVE ME DEATH


RENEGADE said...

plz tell me this mug is only tempory

RENEGADE said...

i guess i can understand now why obamma lets her take a lot of vacations,alone.

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