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Wednesday, February 23, 2011


America I cant figure it out for the life of me,Obama has walked on our constatution so many times now ive lost count,He proven countless times the constatution means nothing to him.If he had any dought about the constatution stopping him,im sure he woulda thought twice.But without fear of the constatutional law ,obama and his freight train roar accross america,promoteing his socailist goverment,with outa hitch,The american people just sit there and say nothing.At this high speed pace the obama socailist train is running,he will be in full power by the end of the year.Todays announcement of obama ordering his att general to stop inforecing the gay marage act is further proff,unless this congress stops this man,and puts a monkey wreanch in his path,obama by a simple stroke of his devilish pen,will completely ban our american constatution.were is the out cry from the american people,were the republican out cry ,were is there any outcry of obamas blaten disrepect of our constatution.a law made law by congress is stricken from the books because 1 man didnt like it.the law is the law obama.fallow it.if this act of treason against our constatution dont warent impeachment,i dont no what will.if youll open up the bill of rights,and the constatution youll find many impeachable offences.i call on the republican majority to impeach this presadent now or face your own demise in 2012,if obamma hasnt declared marshel law yet.impeach him asap-and restore constatutional order back to goverment.or you will sufer at the poles.if you love this nation,youll impeach him before he has a chance to do anymore damage to this country.

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