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Wednesday, February 23, 2011


America i think weve had enough of this petty crybaby antics,Our teachers have demistrated.These educators have indoctranated our children,Taught them to take from there goverment,not give,they refused to teach our constatution to our god most of our children dont have a clue who our founding fathers were,theyve removed god and prayer from our schools,excuses were they didnt want to offend other religions,Do our teachers even now whats in the constatution.In the constatution,our founding fathers,stated planely,our offical language is american,all our laws are to include god,why,because god is our creater,our constatution is based on (natural law,)for those who dont now what natural law means,read our constitution,im not exsplaneing it to you.because of what these socailist educaters have done,our country is falling apart,and there the reason,were in this crap were in today,And now there on strike,crying foel,wineing about there unions looseing neg power.there abanding our children,there class rooms,there duties,to peotest more money,after they did what they did,my god the nerve of these anti-american teachers.because of what they did they dont deserve to teach anywere,in my opion ,they all need to be fired,asap,these drs who gave then boggus notes should loose there licences,once and for all these unions need to be broke,run out of town.America were in deep trouble,this goverment has spent,and spent ,us into the hole so far our grand childrens grand kids will be repaying this money.our econnime can not sustain this spending bing the demicrats are on,We must cut all stuppid spending or were gonna fall.Why is obama and the dems doing this,its simple,there dream of socailist rule depends on it.the people depending of there goverment to servive,depends on it.a socailist relises,if there gonna create this new goverment,they need the support of the people,only way to get this sappoert is to brake our country,starve its people ,make the cost of liveing sky-rockit.all this must come to pass befor there idea do you get the support of the people,create the perfict storm,all of thee abouve,will create the perfict storm,unless this comes to pass ,the people will never ask there leaders for help.a starving person will just about do anything to servive,ask yourself,what would you do if you cant afford to feed your family.let them starve-or ask for help.i think you now that untill this perfict storm happens,we still have a chance to deafeat these anti-american socailist ideas,socailisum has never worked anywere,it wont work now.america its all up to you now.our future ,your future your grand childrens future in at stake ,our dissions we make now,dictates wether our children even have a country to live in,your dissions made today deternines weather we will be slaves to socailist rule or free americans liveing under a constautional goverment.deside wisely america.our future is at stake.

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