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Tuesday, February 22, 2011


As bodies litter the streets and allies of libian cityies qudaffie vows to die a marter,after 40 plus years this animal can still murder his people with no recorse from the world.Is our american presadent a coward,or 1 of them.Idont no anymore.Im baffeled,ive never known ameria to stand buy and allow a dictator murder his people before ,without begging to believe now that maby just maby,obamma is a muslum,maby just maby this is in his plans,maby just maby its to late for us to fix our nation by voteing.maby just maby,this is our destany,our goverment murdering us in the streets buy the 1000s.maby just maby,its to late for us to impeach this islamic infiltrator.I find myself asking asking myself,is this our future,can i stand buy and allow my goverment to murder my family and friends,i ask myself does the american people have the stomic for this mass geniside thats about to hit the american people.Is this obamas plan,I cant prove it,but all sighns point to it.Is our country about to be cleansed,threw our own goverment.Is america about to become a killing field.Oh my god this god revenge on us for allowing our goverment to kick god out of goverment ,and allowing barrack hussain obama,to become our alaha now running our country.

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