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Saturday, March 5, 2011


This man has total disregard for his area,Watkins supports obama care,and probly will till he dies,he just doesnt get it.i went face to face with this man last year at a town hall type q/a sponcerd by our local teaparty,it was so apparent,t...he people didnt want it.stuff was thrown,he was cussed,yelled at,he just smiled.told us we just dont understand,(typical obamma mind set )were stuppid,we dont no whats good for us.Were does this man come from.but oddly enough,he won re-alection,When will people wake up and see,this man is anti womens rights,he tryed forceing a bill yrs ago,to vacinate young women to get these shots,without parental approvel,it failed time and time again,but finally after he put the clause in it allowing parents to refuse the shots,did it hes at it again.attacting smokers again.Hes attempting to ban all smokeing in all public areas,its insain,were does he get off,thinking hes god.ive made it my goal people,that this henderson state rep-will loose,next election,ill be blogging a lot on him,im going to show you other anti-american bills hes attempted to pass over the next year.This man thinks he god,supports and pushes laws discriminateing against women.hes basically run unaposed ,not again,if i have to run against him i will.But this man is finished.a man that feels ,womenhave no rights,he feels we the people are stuppid,cant make our own minds up,a man like that needs to run for office in russia,not here,stay tuned kentucky,im not threw,lol-trust me.

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Robert D said...

Mr Watkins does not deserve to be called represinitve. Of this state. He and Obama have just taken a life long democrat and created a republican. With his hb 265.

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