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Monday, February 21, 2011

Obamas CIVILAN Army He talked about exsposed

Well america i guess now you can see,the army he talked about in the campanie wasnt who we thought.Obama lead us to believe he was training his own civil army,when all along it was the mob,i mean the union.after giveing the union billions of our dollars,they owe him,or he was told to give it to them,eather way,they got the money and there orders.Madison riots,or rallies whatever you wish to call them are proff were this is headed.union bull dogs are right in the middle of this bad mouthing,threatning people,looks like oldschool union tactics at work.with the open backing of obama,and the public support from the dnc,=-and obamas pet organazation,this will no dought get bloody.everything is rideing on the shoulders of the gov of that state.the outcome there will dictate how the rest of the country falls,so succesful outcome for the union there is of up-most idea what the govenor is gonna do,but if he buckels under union presure,were finished.i just pray the teaparty and there backers can muster up enough people who can stand toe to toe with these unions.a win for the union is a win for socailisum,and will put us 1 step closer to obamas dream of a socailist country,lead by him.and of course the mob.pray america,because the out come of this fight will determin our countrys future.We all remember how unions and mobs conducted busness in the past,wake up america,were in trouble

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RENEGADE said...

i guess this is obamas means of collective bargining,if we dont stop the union,dead in there traxs,this line of makeing offers you cant refuse,will return.we must stop this insain madness now,bust the union,before they bust us.

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