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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Supreme Court Convicts God Again,God Again Has Been Crusafied,By The Courts

Its a simple solution america,all our world problems,and state and local problems,We have today,can be fixed by a simple stroke of a pen,not a gun.The problems we face today can all be exsplaned,and resolved by a simple stroke of a pen.So why doesnt our law makers do it.why doesnt our presadent do it.Our prisons are filling up,we have hate groups walking among us ,freely liveing under the protection of our new laws,put into our bill of rights,We have socailists,and commie teachers indoctrnating our children,instead of these teachers teaching our children to honor there parents,honor there country,love there country,instead of our children being taught,to jail there parents if they spank them,take from your goverment,dont give,our children are kicked out of school if they attemp to pray,or openly show there love for god.Now are nation is 1 nation under many gods,And were falling apart.religion fighting religion.Good and evil is at war with each other.Our nation is out of control.America were not fighting a enommie who can be beat.were not fighting irainians,iraqies,germans,communists.This war is between the gods.our god verses false prophits.When our law makers took god out of our schools,our crt houses,our laws,our goverment,when our goverment put god on the side,and not in the lead,-they declared war against him.Our supream court judges are no better,than the roman high courts,the romeins sent god to the cross to die,and now our supriem court judges,have done the not allowing the ten commandments to be hung in our building that make laws-and inforce no differnt than sending god to be crusified for the 2nd time.America wake many times can our god be crusified ,before he lashes out.This is a conviction we can over turn.The supreme crt has once again convicted god to death.if we dont stand up and force our goverment and our crts,to reverse this conviction they put on our god,if we dont stand up now and defend him,were doomed.all our problems in this country we have now can be fixed,by putting god back to work.America ive given you a way to save him,ive given you a a simple way to help our country back on its feet.Now its up to you.think wisely,or die horrably,May god have no mersey on his enommies.

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