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Monday, February 21, 2011

America Is at a Cross Road-Dissions We makeToday,Determins our Way of Life Tomarrow

well i never dreamed the day would come,id be more afraid of my goverment,than i was my enommie.but its come to that.i just pray we can stop,this corrupt administration threw pieceful means.the thought of haveing to use my guns to protect me from the vary istabalishment thats sappose to protect me,scares the hell out of me.i just pray it never comes to that.Our constatution is strucktured so we dont have resort to guns to live free.but our founding fathers for-seen the problem of corrupt politions trying to become more powerful-and more greedy.its our right to bare arms,its our right to defend our selves from all enommies forighn and domestic.including our goverment,But this is differnt,we were attact from within,theyve walked all over our constatution,not once worried about recorse.there not worried about being jailed,there not afraid of nothing,because in there heads,they are the goverment,they are the law,they are god.This makes our rights as americans weak,vary week.So what im saying,regardless if were within our rights or not,we will be jailed,we will be killed,defending what our founding fathers gave us.they are the law-makers hired by the people,this is were we are stuck ,between the people of this country,and its goverment.what do we do.everything points to a war ,between the people og this country and the corrupt politions,who lied ,cheated ,and munipulated there constituants into voteing for them.These people mean busness,theyve come to far,to turn back now,turning back now,is not in there vocabulary.they realise and they no vary well.if the people take back this country,they no its (prison they go,)-or (exicution for treason )-now put yourself in there situation-what would you do.thats like cornering a wounded bear ,if he has nowhere to run he will come at you without fear of out-come.same here,There crooks,they now it,and the reality for them is,theres no turning back.Our only hope if were to win back our country,and not have a civil war again,is to go after the left supporters of these maniacs,and show them were this is headed,we do this and we can unite this country again,we have a chance.power in numbers,and this job wont be easy.these socailists didnt start yesterday,they started years indoctranating our children in schools,these teachers we now have teaching our children are socaists-plain and simple,they taught our kids right under our noses that our country is wrong,that were evil,and we kill inasent women and children,to take what we want,our children were taught ,that our country is run by greedy rich white men,who thrive of the labors of how do you convince someone differnt -if they were raised believeing this.Were at a point in our lives that the vary dissions we make today,will deturnin the future of us,our grandkids,and the world.If this country fails,everything fails.the world will go back to the begging-were your vary surval depends on you,and you alone-lawless tyrents will rule again.murder will be a every day thing.ya what happens now,what dissions we make now,have a lot rideing on it.god help usa few seconds ago ·

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RENEGADE said...

while we were worring about terrist attacts,and terrists indoctranating kids to kill us,The real enommie was right here in america indoctranating our kids to take-over this country from within,

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