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Sunday, February 20, 2011


America how did this happen,how could we off allowed whats going on today,in our schools,on our streets,in our jobs,our crooked politions,openly discraceing our constatution.our schools discraceing our heros.our broken econimme,How did this happen.Its simple really,but unless americans open there eyes,We will fall.soon.Our countrys at the brink of total collaps,In order to show you what happened ,I need to show you how it happened.Our demise started in the begging,the day our bill of rights,was inacted.You see the vary bill that was to be our foundation to prosparity,and free to live a wanderful happy life,was our down fall.I no this will upset some ,but sometimes the truth hurts.Ill exsplain.the bill of rights was a bunch of laws put togeather to protect us,to protect our rights as americans,to keep outside influences at bay,I would have to right o book to exsplain it ill point out the main ones.1st-Our biggest mistake was to be allowed to pratice our religions freely and openly in america.As americans this was good,in a demicraticly run country,this must be.But over the years,it was chalanged ,munipulated and twisted,to suit other people,people hell bent on forceing there views on people ,in the name of there beilfs-or as they called it,(there religion,)I thought we were sappose to be ( 1 nation under god )-but we are now (1 nation under many gods )its like allowing many walks of life to live in 1 area,and alloweing them to live under there laws and beliefs,crazy isnt it,That would be plum stuppid,that would never would be nothing but anarky,constent war,fighting,distruction,no order,multipul religions fighting each other,Would be like putting a pitbull, a puddle,a beagle,and a cat,-in 1 cage,whats gonna happen,theyll arguse scrap and fight,till on 1 is left standing.The strongest survives.,well religion is the same.And that brings us up to presant.America our belifs that multiple(religons)-can survive under 1 roof is plum idiotsey,stuppid,we got people who belive in god,we have atheus,we have devil worshippers,we have religons that people made up,with there own set of rules,theres so many stuppid religions out there,i cant think of um all.Why do i blame our trouble on multipel beliefs,,simple,we have so much ,hatetrid now going on between religions its sad,its gottin so bad a new term was born,(the politicly correct responce )this has corrupted our politions,our law makers,our job inviroment,our schools,and how our educaters,teach our children,our intire way of life has been turned upside down,because of religion.Now to my next point,Because of our weekness when it comes to our mulity religious country,people with ideas of there own was given the open door,to come here to this open culture,and start forceing there belifs and ideas on us ,under the cover of religious you say-this guy is nuts.maby,but its the truth.ill prove can they openly do this,its simple,and vary smart.(they did it by indoctranateing our children.)these idiots did it by useing our 1 great love for our education.)socailist were training and brain-washing our children,in there beliefs,instead of teaching them what we thought they were teaching,as our children grew-it went from teaching how our founding fathers gave us this great way of life,to,how our founding fathers were stuppid,didnt no what they were doing,and that they were nothing but old gray haired white guys.This our problems with today.our children belive goverment owes them,they were taught,to take from the rich,and give to the lazy.J.F.K,once said.(ask not what your country can do for you-but what can you do for your country.)great words,but they got him murdered.This mind set is whats wrong with this country today.and what will bring it down,if we dont figure out how to do it soon.all threw life weve been taught to go with your life as you make it.heres our problem america.How do we say what you was taught was wrong,when all they no is what there teachers taught them.Were in a fight now were the (politically correct responce)will make all the difference.that answer i got no responce to.because ive never been a person to give politically correct answer,you see im old school.i was taught,this country is great,our founding fathers are our heros,and our military men and women are the greatist americans on earth.So if you look at me for the right answer,you might get in trouble.So this brings us up to today.our young americans have been taught socailisum is the right way,our military is nothing but killers of inocent people,and capitalisum is nothing but a rich mans control over people.Now we come to all narrows down to what happens in madison dont let them fool you america,its not over teachers rights to a fare wage,-its (capitalizum-verses socailisum)-its the union keeping power over our work force-or looseing it.The out come in madison will determine our future america.socailists have it all rideing on its out come.(AMERICAS FUTURE IS IN THE HANDS OF THE PEOPLE) AMERICAS NEW REVOLUTION HAS BEGUN.

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