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Saturday, February 19, 2011


Madison protesters are turning ugly,this so called protest is getting violent.the protesters are resorting to terrist acts to insight hatred amongs protesters,sighn are now being waved death to the govenor,hitler lives,republicans hate make it worse,the unions,the teachers,the dnc,and even our presadent,has joined in.Im now afraid,america this is getting out of control,they say the revolution has begun,but is it the revolution there exspecting.Dont they relise this socailisum idea will never work,America get ready ,all hells about to brake loose.bloods about to be shed in our country,Not since the civil war has there been so much unreast in our country.Whats so scary,obama told us on the campain trail,(america,change is comeing,change is comeing-in 5 days,will be the begging of fundamentaly changeing this country.))Well obama keep his word,(the revolution )has begun,its leader,non -other than obama him self.Prepare america,its on.we have been infiltrated from the inside,Nothing will stop obama now.nothing,our constatution is nothing but a piece of paper to this commie,he has already stepped on it time and time again.He knows hes gonna be jailed for treason if this socailist revolution fails,it will get dirty,and deadly.prepare america ,soon ( MARSHAL LAW )will be orderd by obama,all laws and elections dismissed.He will order his goons,to spread out take our guns,and walla-his new world order,beggines.THATS IF WE LOOSE THIS blessed american patriots,(AMERICAS ABOUT TO CHANGE FOREVER ).

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