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Tuesday, February 9, 2016


If youve wonderd why Hillary and Obama hasnt been indited its pretty clear.hillary needs obama,and obama needs hillary,If hillarys charged now,obama will no dought parden her.and obamas never been charged because politicians are eather baught off,or scared.Eather way our country will pay the price.Its beyond any imagination obama is even in power.The lobbyists and the brain dead power seekers are in control.and we the people are powerless,yes i no the Constitution protects the people,lol really.the constitution only works if the people make it work,but so far from what ive seen,obama was right,we are a nation of cowards,and the rich and elite have full run of this country.As for our military,theyve been infiltrated by illegals,terrorist because obama made our military elite bring um in,and if they disagreed,they were forced to dont count on the military,our real protection we had,because obama has been taken that away to.Its sad that so many have died giveing us this country,yet your willing to give it up for a hand out,so kiss freedom good bye america,welcome the new america with both hands,your now offically all slaves of our goverment.and trust me obamas not gonna let go of his power,theyve come to far to turn back now,so the elections will never be allowed my friends,as for the liberal left,there nothing but brain dead zombies taught to never bite the hands that feed um,as for our politicians on both isils there bought off.we have but 1 chance to get this right,and thats to elect a non polition,someone who cant be baught,DONALD J TRUMP.but as i stated there wont be any election unless Americans
rise against there leaders,its now or never america 2.8 million Americans died giveing you this country.are you willing to defend our way of life.???? prove it.      sadly this blogg was taken down because i spoke the truth,this is my 1st artical in a year,and a good chance my last.but wake up america.the bible warns us in revolations this was comeing.dont trust me trust in god.were in the end it now.

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