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Friday, January 23, 2015

Is America Already Finished,?? Has Americans Gave Up On Frieedom

America today finds ourselfs at a critical turning point in our history,the middle east is burning,Israels on the verge of annihilation,the us government has took sides and arming terrorists,and told isreal basically,fuck off.Then you ask yourself weres the constitution,weres the fbi-weres the secrete service our protection,as 1 of our key allies has been over thrown,weres our president,being interviewed by a fat you tube star,who climbs in a tub of milk and eats her cereal there.the most disgusting vidio ive ever seen,obama sets down with her,why ???.our vary existence depends on the dissions of a man who has no birth certificate,has american blood on his hand,is being told what to do by his aid,who is a irainen,his step brother is the finance officer for the Muslim brother hood.why is he still in office,and not in jail.why ???? weres the outcry ???,nothing.weres the secrete service,why havent they acted.we no they killed Kennedy.and took out many rivals of this country.hell the maker of gray state they say was murder suicide,but we no better.America has changed,our way of iife is over.whats next for us who nows,i do no this,freedom isnt in our future,a new culture of americans has been brain washed ,programmed to believe goverment is the way.god blessed us once,pray he bleses us again soon,because if he dont,once again our guns will be turned on each other.Is america finished,Have we gave up on ourselfs,,have we just said,blood lost in defence of our country is not worth isnt worth me looseing my life over.weres americas freedom fighters,weres americas heros,weres the america we grew up in. pray for america folks,trust me Allah has plans for us.

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