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Thursday, July 10, 2014


I think Obama has just checked out. Not the from the office itself, unfortunately, just his job. He loves the perquisites of the office - the multi-million dollar taxpayer vacations for him, Moochell, and the kids (with, of course, dozens of friends); hosting star-studded dinners; his numerous fund raising dinners with Hollywood celebrities and athletes and, of course, his golf games with big time CEO's. When the crisis in Ukraine escalated in March, White House aides urged him to cancel a planned weekend golf getaway at the lush Ocean Reef Club, in Florida. He went anyway. You can't help but get the impression that his personal needs are pretty important in his hierarchy of concerns.
It's hard to imagine how historically disconnected Obama has become. He was just judged in a major poll to be the worst president since WWII, but I believe we can go much further back than that, and we've had some pretty bad presidents. The Quinnipiac University poll (just around the corner from where I live) indicated by 54% to 44% that the Obama administration is NOT COMPETENT TO RUN THE GOVERNMENT. And that was before the disaster on the border. The scandals that never seem to end, as in the case of the IRS's destructive mischief, for which Obama claims no knowledge. The "ever popular" ObamaCare, from the incompetent roll out to today, but Obama seems to be removed from any hands on knowledge of that catastrophe. The Fast and Furious scandal, (which has disappeared from any media) which was a quiet little experiment to funnel and trace illegal guns into Mexican drug cartels. Obama and our esteemed Attorney General had no knowledge of this failed and fatal program. And let us not forget Benghazi, which the administration and Hillary both hope we do. That bungled tragedy claimed four brave American lives, but no one, including our president, and his former Sec'y of State had any knowledge of the details. And now there's the border crisis, but enough said on that already, except that Obama doesn't know how it started, and certainly isn't interested in fixing it. Am I forgetting any? Probably, but time and space won't allow me to mention all.
So what does the president know. Well, he knows that Republicans are to blame, but he's incapable of working with Congress. He either forgets or just doesn't care that POLITICS IS HIS JOB! With 2 1/2 years to go, he shows every sign of running out the clock. Normally, in sports, you run out the clock when you're winning. He's doing it while he's losing. Poor Obama. He came in as the Messiah, with great illusions how he can change the world. Yes, he's steering the world towards not relying on America. He's creating a more federally controlled, Washington centric nation, run and organized by Progressives, and he thinks he's done his work, and now he's checking out, he doesn't seem to care anymore, at least psychologically. But presidents are not allowed to "check out, because the world, and very bad guys are watching and calculating, which is unbelievably dangerous to America.Is war looming in our near future ????.

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