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Thursday, June 26, 2014


In todays world its hard to make ends meet,finding work is getting harder,But americans are a kind careing people,And when it comes to our military heros,and supporting them,well america will help.My friends hosp outreach started out to be strickly a homeless veterans shelter,but because of our war torn nation,and our heros comeing home,suffering from ptsd,the need to help has never been theres another problem,nobodys ready for,our new military is now made up of men and women,and for the 1st time in history,our women are on the front line.Ive seen it 1st hand friends,40% of the troops comeing home with ptsd are women,there showing up on our streets homeless,and the sad thing most shelters arent equipped to handle women veterans.hosp is doing just that,this school will have a intire floor strickly for women,friends plz we need your help.even if you can only afford a dollar,plz donate it,everything helps.The school is in ex shape,new roof,ready to open.all we need is the money to buy it,will you help us,our soldiers deserve this.most school are afraid of soldiers with ptsd,-so i was approached with this idea,why not bring them into our center,and let them do there on line training with us,everybody working at the center are veterans,were brothers helpping brothers.we have counclers and a chaplin on staff every day.but non of this will become reality without your you love our soldiers enough to donate a few dollars,i hope so,plz donate now,                DONATE TO HOSP VETERANS CENTER                 NO SOLDIER SHOULD EVER HAVE TO WALK ALONE

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