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Sunday, December 1, 2013

H J R 64 MARRAGE AMMENDMENT-IS ON THE BALLIT-Is Indiana About To Become The Next State To Allow Gay Unions

  (      amendment.
HJR-6 is a proposed amendment which states,
"Only marriage between one (1) man and one (1) woman will be valid or recognized as a marriage in Indiana. A legal status identical or substantially similar to that of marriage for unmarried individuals shall not be valid or recognized."           ) Will indiana become the next state to fall to the activist groups,supporting gay unions.As god fearing americas wander ,why??-what happend to god,what happened to the america they were raised in,Has anyone wanderd what happened.I ask myself everyday,why has god been thrown to the curb side,Last night s state senator jim tomes discussed his state,and the marrage ammendment bill comeing up,I could see his dedication,i could see his heart felt passion on this matter,As the day nears for  h j r-64 to be voted on,I wanderd just how many clurgy has stepped up defending god natural law ,,gods definistion of a marrage,witch we no is a union between a man and a women.Yet in this new age of progressive politions.our way of life is changeing,in my opion for the worrse.But as senator tomes spoke i seen his eyes water up,you could see his passion as he spoke of the importance of this up comeing law.i ask him on corrisponce hes gotten from the public on this bill,he stated  few hundred from his district,then i ask about our local clurgy,churches,christians.anything from them,his answer was nothing.As this ammendment threatins to become law,the vary people intrusted by god to teach his word has been silent,nada nothing,over hafe of the people in attendence at this meeting has not to date heard there pasters dissuce this importent bill.Has it become so importent o not up-set obama ,that the politically correct thing to do is do there faith in god,now second to the all mighty obama,has there addition to money and there 5013c statace become more importent than god,has this become more importent than life,has being politically correct become the new norm in life.How can a priest-a clergy member of any faith ,live with themselfs nowing they denied our lord and can they sit there preach to us on gods word,then jump in bed with the goverment. My god america whats happend to our country our faith,our beliefs,our country was founded on natural law,witch is gods law,yet were allowing progressives,left wing non believers,god haters,to dictate the path our country will go on.Indiana wake up-contact your local reps,call your state capital ,let your feelings be heard.because if you dont,america will fall to this radical way of life,as the roman empire fell to this way of life ,so will we.if you dont believe theres a god fine,its your choose,but most of us no theres a god.back off,we allowed you to live in sin,let us be.stop forceing your way of life on us.the wages of sin is death,yet god loved you so much he gave his only sons life so we can be free of ya see god does love you can turn your way of life around,all ya need to do is ask.America what happens in indiana next month,is probly the most importent vote ever.if we dont stop it here,we will pay dearly for it.this bill does not discriminate against gays,it allows benifits,its been clouded up so you dont understand it.all this ammendment does is forbid gay marrage,it defines a marrage as a union between a man and a women.thats all,so dont allow left wing obama droids to cloud up your mind. HJR-64  MARRAGE AMMENDMENT BILL  Does not discriminate against gays.get involved indiana,make your voice heard, link to view law as its writen

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