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Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Weve known for 5 years now Obama was nothing but a puppet being lead by the demicratic establishment..Who is this man who rose up from no were to become americas 1st black prez.How can a man with no exspereance,whos past is shady at best,well from what you can find,his lifes been deleted,now were finding out more,and more about this man,and its not good.people who speek up against this man ,wind up dead,dead??? ya dead,for exsample its been widely stated that obamas had several afaires with men,ya gay flings with male prostitues.,for ex the 3 gay men from his church who tryed to speek up-and oddly ended up dead.yes 3 dead gay men from obamas have the border agent,you have the general who lead the raid to kill osama-commits suicide,come on this mans been trained to do the most horrable,despicable things to a human body,cant handle killing a terrist,and kills himself.i dont think so.the 32 seal who were all packed onto a transport chopper in afganastan,( never ever been done before,seals traval in teams of 6 not 36,))1 week after osamas killed these seals are piled onto a chopper and sent north in the bad lands of afganastan,and the choppers shot down 20 min into flight by a 17 year old afgan boy, no better i no better -this was payment for giveing obama the needed info to kill osama and make himself look good.thismans a murderer and americans are looking the other way.campained on transparency,yet every bill passed was illegal and done behind close doors with no republican support,sent billions in aid to the people who want us dead,is being told what to do by a irainian women
( Valery geritt ).his cabnet around him started out to be all communists,yet as he gives billions to the enommie,the vary people he promised to help to get there vote,what did they get,-nothing,still job-less,chicago ill obamas home city,is hurting the worse,why,??? these people supported him,stumped for him,and was thrown away once he became president.But its much deeper than that,1 man cant hide his past,but a goverment offical can,the demicrates can and did.and by the help of a few rino republicans they created the perfict canadate,1 that if anybody objected to him they hallerd raceists,,if you disagreed with him your a goes on ,and on,But thank god black america finally woke up,but is it to late,lets pray not.yes we can win 2014 election by a land slide,but will this left wing party even allow a election,nowing half of them will be charged and jailed for a varity of federal,and constitutional laws they broke,they cant afford a loss,i pretty much see civil war in our future,marshal law,i see organised mass killings planned and executed,by demicrates,blaiming on terrists,yes and home grown .theyll find any reason they can to issue marshal law.lord nows a war would be bloody,-what we need is a united country to go to washington there city politons,state and federal politions-and throw them out-literaly.america we wont make it to 2014 elections-we need a mass uprising now-and do it piecefully why we still have a constaution,click this link and lission to what chicago residents have to say about obama.wake up america..

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