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Sunday, September 30, 2012


There comes a time in every persons life,that asking ,and pleading for something gets old.A person can only set back and watch what belongs ti them be destroyed.kinda like if you own a house,and rent it out.And by law you cant tell them how they can live.yes you can make a contract,if they destroy your house ,they must repair it,Or by default,evict them.for breach of contract.But sometimes the legal system wont help,so what do you do.Take matters into your own hands.( BARACK HUSSAIN OBAMA )HAS BROKE EVERY CONSTITUTIONAL LAW IN THE BOOK.But still remains in office. He still flys around the contry campaining on our tax money,this is against the law.Hes been campaining for the 2012 elections ,every since he was sworn in.He seems to of forgot he is president.Hes been the worst president in american history,yes he demoted jimmy carter.he now is involved in a acandal of lies and cover up , bigger the water gate,only difference ,nixion didnt cause any deaths over his,Obama caused several,latest his cover up in libia,cist 4 americans there lifes.including our ambassador.Its been revealed that our diplomate was fearing his life was in danger,obama new it,but being this close to the election,onama didnt want it revealed to the public,so he coverd it up.causeing the death of our ambassador.Weres the out rage,weres the american out cry for his resignation.4 americans killed all to protect obamas reputation.while families mourn-obamas at a party,then went to a fundraiser.the heartless bastard didnt even care.he needs to resighn,asap.if not we force him out.simple as that.America we must act now.force obama and his cabnet out,and jail them for treason./and /murder.all charges  are easy 2 prove.act now ,dont wait.hes desperate,he will do anything to maintain prepared for marshal law vary soon.Our future/our childrens future depends on what we do in the next 2 weeks.act now.before we loose it all.libia was a gift from god,use it.

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