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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Lies And Cover-ups-By Obama Opens The Doors To A Discracefull Resignation,/

For 4 years Americans have heard (yes we can )By a far Left radical,from chicago,A man who claims he can create jobs ,even though hes never had 1.Obama is a brilliant speeker/but a better manipulater.He carefully words his speeches to were the uneducated demicrates thought he was gonna steal from the rich,and give 2 the poor.The common hard working american is now working harder for less,taxes are higher,gas is double from 4 years ago.unimployment is still 8.9,and were now entering a new election,Has he accomplished anything,well lets see,,when he took office ,bush left him with a 6-trillion dollar debt,4 years later its 16 trillion dollars,houseing still down,jobs no were 2 be found.americas future is dark.even though obama has lied and stole americas money,he still some how has convinced his brain dead base,he can still fix god,how stupid are the left wing a free ride really more inportent than our we set and watched obama steal our hard earned tax dollars,and give it ti his loyal supporters,and the union mob bosses,we the real deserving people seen nothing.except more people drove into the welfare system.Will america wake up in time,for the sake of this country,I hope so.Its as clear as the ugly dresses on obamas wifes big ass,that Obama is nothing but a theif,a Lier,and a free loader ,who is clueless to what hes doing,as he bows to terrist s and kings,and appoliges to our enommies because we believe in god ,not mohamad,refuses to admit were at war with radical islam,infact obama has done everything as if he were a muslum.inder his watch,hes allowed fags to marrie,has legalized the killing of babies.has struck laws keeping illegal alliens from comeing here,by opening up our borders to wet-backs,hes also made it easyer for exstramists to enter this country.ya ya should be scared,theres 4 million un documented terrists in our country right now.and there a election in 4 weeks.while obamas out campaining,raiseing money,hes neglected his dutys as commander and cheif.,he has skipped over half his intel brefings.and as he travals the country campaining,drinking beer ,hanging with movie stars.exstramist stormed the walls of our embassy and murderd 4 americans .even though obama new this could happen,even though intel was there,obama choose 2 ignor it.thus causeing the death of 4 more americans.that bring the death toll to 29 americans dead because of obama,1 border agent,22 navy seals,3 airforce specail opps,2 crew members.pretty sad,yes obama killed these 22 seals.3 airman and 2 crew members,i really in my heart feel those americans died as pmt for the benladen killing.ya obama had 2 of struck a deal with alkiada ,because no time in history has 22 seals ever been allowed 2 traval more than 6 at a time ,togeather,never,so why is it 1 week after obama gave the order to execute osama,22 seals were loaded on a low flying,slow flying chopper,and allowed 2 fly over Afghanistan into the bad lands,think about it.i could go on and on,but its clear this man is a lier and theif,but there is 1 more thing.this last scandal will be his down fall.yes god does move in odd ways.obama to protect his campaign,coverd up the embassy murders,blamed it on a movie nobody saw,causeing the maker of the film 2 be jailed.orders his aids to lie.all in the name of his campaign,this is grounds for impeachment.bit theres no time.Nixon was orders 2 resign over lieing,and covering up at water gate,bit no one died at water gate,in obamas lie and cover up 4 americans lost there life.he wont resighn -so america must jump on this gift from god,force him 2 step now ever more convinced if america dont hit the streets,and protest and demand-his removel.marshal law will be imposed.we dont want that.america god gave you what you need to save this country.will you use it.

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