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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Legacy Of A Fallon Hero Doesnt End When There Burried.-It Is Just Begging.

America I Relise most of you don't ride.As bikers Our military is our 1 love we ride for,and defend.This particular ride means more to us.All the money we raise on this ride,goes to a charity,that helps the children of our fallen comrades.People sometimes forget,after a soldier has given his life-or a limb in defense of this country,that a heroes fair well ends it,IT DON'T,END THERE. Theres families,children left without a parent,Our life goes on,theres os changed forever.this is why we do what we do.HELP US,HELP THEM CHILDREN, plz go to this link ,and click donate,every dollar helps,if not go to this charity,at ft Campbell and donate,,just give what you can afford,DONATE,BY A RIDE SHIRT,ETHER WAY YOUR GIVING TO THESE KIDS,Theres many charities out there,many are good,but (The 101st airborne association  ) Is the charity that takes care of there fallen heroes,To many times Americans forget,That when a hero,s laid to rest,it ends there.In reality,Its only beginning for there families.So plz,lets not forget these children,they'll suffer for years to come.give,what you can afford ,click this donate button ,and give from the heart.

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