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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Obamas War Is About To Start,Why Doesnt Obama Fear Looseing In November.,Ill show you.,Americas About To Become Obamas Killing Fields.

 (((America.Our country is about to be transformed into a country you only feared.Obama has told 1 truthful statement,Soon America were gonna fundamentally change this country.dear god in heaven,i wish that 1 was a lie like everything else,but god help us it wasn't.Americans needs to open there eyes real fast.ask yourself america why is this man doing what hes doing,with-out fear of recourse,why are the republicans allowing him to run wild with our constitution,braking constitutional laws like there just shop-lifting laws being broke.why do the demarcates kneel to his every command.We are 9 months away from November elections,he still shredding the constitution,he recently gave Russia 3 disputed islands of the Alaskan coast,plus gave them the oil rights.why,does he have a inside deal going with Russia,,these islands has been ours for 94 years,now there Russian islands.5 miles of the coast of Alaska..recently charges were filed in fed court on 3 cabinet members of Obama.these 3 happen to be members of the brother hood,a known terr-est group,why are they working at the white house.never mind the 2 in his cabinet,what about the Muslim tied to the brother hood,working in homeland security,and holds top secrete clearance.lets not forget Anthony (flash his dick on Facebook )wiener.his mother-in-law is a top brother hood operative.America can you beginning to see a pattern here.Our 1st lady hss been to dinner and to several meetings with the nation of Islams leader ((Louis Farrakhan)),and his wife.odd person for the 1st lady of the united states to be chumming around with.theirs 2 million radical Muslims who defiantly hates white Americans. and today our 1sy ladys on another all experiences paid vacation on us.America now the bad news.while obama continues to wreak our econome loose our jobs,brake our job creators,give away our oil,and gives billions of dollars to corporations to buy these messed up electric cars,to make it look like we the people are buying them.yes america every electric car sold  last year obama made these corporations buy them.on our tax dollar.they spent nothing on the cars,you did.these new electric cars are just parked they dont use them,because you can only go 40 miles on a charge,who want a car thats only good for 40 miles.As you can see obamas the biggest idiot in the world,,or he just orchestrated the biggest government take over in world history.Obama has committed crimes of treason over and over again.and done while were at war.treason in war time is punishable by death.our constitution says so.So why hasnt any polition stopped him,charged him Impeached him,fir that matter why hasnt the military arrested him,why hasnt secrete service,jailed him,in fact the 1 branch of law as Americans we always new we could count on to do the right thing has done nothing.If your not worried by now your not a true american.Our freedom is about to be flushed down the shitter by a  traitor who has convinced an entire party hes god.So ask yourself why doesn't he fear us.why doesn't he fear loosing in November,he knows he gonna loose.then why hasn't he backed of,ill tell you.look around see all these Muslims.around you,see there gas stations,see there stores,there masques,,they have 37 known training camps protected by Obama,1 30 min from my house i seen it.theirs Muslims working in the white house,branches of government,there ask again,why inst Obama afraid of loosing in nov.why do desecrates still fallow him as god.ill tell you why.were about to be attack from with in our boarders again,but this time a Muslim is leading our country,in charge of our military.soon obama will give the word and the muslim who lives down the street from you will kill you.your children will be executed in the name of ala.soon complete anarchy will cover America,Obama will then call ((marshal law,))-America dies.the sad thing is desecrates think they'll be spared,because they supported the Muslim ruler,but there wrong.they are infidels just like us.there blood runs red just like ours.and there heads will come of just like ours.soon america will fall into a holy war with in our borders.and when it does we will clearly have to enommies,,Muslims and desecrates.why do i say this.they lied cheated and committed treason against this nation to gain power,they used obama to get the power.and Obama used them,to destroy America.god help us.Pray to god im wrong.Od give anything in the world if i can say next year i was wrong,but im not.Unless Americans can act fast and stop this killing field thats about to happen,were lost.Obama must be stopped in a few months or its over.can americans unite as 1 and defeat this evil power.not looking good,but we will see.i posted this vidio for a reminder of what were up against,this is obamas war Click this link for a little reminder what were up against when we take on obamas civilion army.

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