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Monday, November 28, 2011

Politions Are Nothing But A Bunch Of Spoiled Brats,Give Um A Inch,Theyll Take A Mile-My Daddy Once Said,The Greatest Tool In Behave-real Medican Is The Woodshed,Hmmm???

Our political mess we have in washington was our fault not theres,a polition is like a little child,you put that child in a candy store,what happens,they go crazy,they want everything.instead of slapping there hands and saying no.we pat um on the back and say no.ya put um in the cornor for a time out,-what do they do,whine,screem,nothing changes,now if we resort to old school Justus,or the wood shed politics,as my dad called it,you bust there asses ,send um to there todays politics,politions are just that spoiled kids.its time we change this,the village has no busness careing for our children,they cant take care of themselfs. americans need to take back whats rightfully theres,the white house is the peoples house,the people working there work for us,just when did free americans forget this shit,politions are our employees,what we want is law.its time you understand this,because if you dont,we will loose it all.freedom ,everything,gone.wake to hell up people.its now or never,a famouse motivater once told me,,(( if it is to be--it is up to me. ))think about that.

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