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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Is America In Its Last Days-Will The Demicratic Voters See The Evil They Support In Time.Will America Become A Killing Field.???,2012 election Determines If We Live Or Die

The anti-war movement of the 60s,not onlt spawned scum-bags who spit on american heros,It spawned a generation of american haters,Guys like anti-america bill ayers, a man who killed,yes killed,cops,and civilions,he didnt care.As long as someone died.This monster,was then allowed to get a deg in teaching,under the watchful eyes of the goverment,And allowed to teach his anti-american beliefs.But its not just him,we have many anti-american scum bags in our school system,and the system just sits back and allows it.Results,its plane to see now,the takeing down of america.Today instead of a few thousand commies teaching our kids,we have a whole generation of them,Its not there fault,we sent them to school to learn about america,and what she had to offer.Instead they were taught to take,steal,hate,this country.want more proff-look at russia,have you seen the news latly,putin has desided he wants to be pres-of russia again,why,think,why now.lets look at a few things,obama becomes president,dems new he wasnt leagal-so did the republicans,the pres new he wasnt leagal,but supported him.His wife openly admited she hated this country,they have close,ties,no vary close ties with the nation of islam.obama has cabnet members right now who belong to the brother hood ,anthony weiner,was married to a women,whos family is members of the brother-hood.and to get worse,his wife is still hillary clintons #1 aid.travaling the world,distroying this country,laying down the foundation,for the new world order.Why cant americans see whats going 1 year america changes for ever,otr freedom goes away,there takeing our freedom right from under our noses.why cant americans see past hillarys bedroom,yes hillarys a dyke,yes weiners wife is screwing hillary,anybody can see this,but why cant they get past the sex-our countrys at stake,think real hard for a min-people,while obama ran for the highest seat in the land,he was ask,on nbc-are you a muslim,he responded yesss,butttttt,im am now a christian,( he is now a christian,)-bull-shit,according to the karan,you can not leave this religion,you can not change faiths,if you do-according to the hole koran,you will be killed,exacuted.well you determine-did he change-naaaa,hes still alive,that answers that question,plus hes invited and is allowing these terrist to train,and live in our country,inder his protection.We have found 33 active terrist training camps in america,1 near me-ive seen it,in (( DOVER  TN ))-Its there,1 right outside -the82nd airboren base,all under obamas protection,useing our own freedom of religion act.So i cant tell you enough,this election we have to get right.because if we dont.were me,were dead-if we dont go along with this new world order we will be exicuted,only the retards who want a free hand out-instead of a hand up-will servive,America -if you dont wake up-were done.(THE KILLING FIELDS OF AMERICA ))-Is 1 election day away.

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