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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

How Did America Get To This Point-How Did The Demicratic Party Become Trators To America,And Our Way Of Life,(WE THE PEOPLE )-did This,Its Time To Wake Up-Join or Die-What Side Of History Will You Be On

The united states of america,home of the brave,land of the any more,Weve allowed our freedom,to slip threw our fingers.How could a free nation allow this to happen,How can a nation feared by animals all around the world,Be so pussiefied,Was Obama right are we a nation of cowards.So far im beginning to think he was right.How did america come to this point,how did the once greatest nation on earth.fall like it did.The Answer is easy,(( we the people ))allowed this country to slip threw our fingers.Well it didnt start with obama thats for sure,obamas a puppit of the demicratic didnt start with bush,hes always supported a new world order,even 1 of the nations best presidents,ronald ragan,supported some form of a new world order.jimmie carters always supported a new world order.So when did it start.America it started in the late 60s-early 70s,-with people like the weather underground,(bill ayres)-lets not give him the cxredit though,it started much higher,he was a poppit like obama,It started with greety bankers ,rich people who dispised freedom,people like george soros,and a hand full of socailists like him,soroes haterid for america started after the holicost,sores a natural born jewish citison,but unlike the jews who died in the millions,george sores betrayed his faith-his people,sores helpped the germans to find the jews-in return he was paid a lot of money.after the fall of the german impire  sores run like a coward he really is.takeing his wealth aquired by his part in the holicost and the killing of millions of his people,he started his quest for wealth,and his quest to bring down the power house who distroyed his easy money -yes his hatred for america comes from this erra-thus spawning the socailist movement.if youll notice there all wealthy bankers,who have created this skeem to bring america took years to accomplish,1st they had to get into possion of power threw out the contry,possions of power was easy to aquire,spend money,advertise-lie your asses of,distroy your opponits.well job well done,the intire demicratic party has been infiltrated by these trators,they even have um in the right,yes america theres a few republicans in power as blockades to stop any law these socailists tryed to pass.if the law passed,this ment the socailists wanted it.if decent republican politions tryed avoiding these new laws-or stop um,the dems went behind close doors and there new puppit,(the president )would sighn ex-orders and cram these bills down our took 35 years for the socailists to get this hard core exstreamist into power.dems new all along he wasnt legal-but they new they had enough power in place to cover up anything about his past.while the demicrates were busy over throwing our goverment,the american people fell asleep.And now that were awake,how will we get back what we have already lost,#1-we already have a intire generation brain-washed and programed to think obamas god,the dems are there saviors-and life is sappose to be a free ride,these far left retards are just that-reterted,there to stuppid to relise they been played,there to lazy to work,they believe everything there told.this socailist goverment has bank rupted america-caused millions of jobs to disapear,why would they do this,american who still have inteligence nows why,for a socailist goverment to work,they must brake it,force there people into total dependency on goverment,this way,these lazy ,worthless generation,will always vote for them,because they fear looseing there free money,not relisiseing-when this socailist movement does get complete control there free ride ends anyway,the left is to stuppid to relise under a socailist goverment,goverment owns the busnesses,thus they woll be reqiired to work for there goverment,yes retards were do u think a goverment gets there money if nobody works,nobody pays taxes,were,lol-see your not as smart as you think.your 1 election away from becomeing slaves to your own dream of a free-ride threw life.wake up-theres a reason why american history was pulled from schools,theres a reason world history wasnt taught to you,they didnt want you to see that there idea of a new world order-a socailist goverment-has always failed,its never worked,they didnt want you to now that millions of people like you retards on the left were murderd-in the name of keeping the violence from there rioting to a mim.untill nov of 2012-you idiots on the left are still legally americans,so you have 1 chance to stop this,after that-war will determin who servives this,trust me-the gun got us our freedom,and the gun will get it back-like in the past,the bad guy always dies and always looses,what side of history will you be on,think hard,defeat obama and the demicratic power machine.if you dont,well i hope your god was worth dieing for,trust me our god will not loose.

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