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Monday, November 7, 2011

Honor Our Heros,By Saveing America From The Demicrates,If Our Heros Can Die For Us.The Least We Can Do.Is Honor Them By Distroying And Voteing Out The Trators Who Got Us Here

Theres no greater honor than to honor those who serve today,and yesterday,our countrys freedon has been defended for decades,by these heros,yesterday was our war,today is our childrens war,blood has been dropped in defence of our freedom,today we have a intire generation of trators,( demicrates )attempting to dishonor our heros,throw away all theyve done defending us,its up to us as real americans to stop these anti-american trators,my boys do there part,there in afganastan And Iraq,right now fighting for this country,we must do our part defending the home land.america let not the blood dropped in the name of freedom,in the name of our heros,go to waste.america was worth it for them to fight-4 ,it is worth for us us fighting for for.America has been threw a lot,maby not this bad,Americas never been attact from within before.What this country did to demicrates to make them distroy this wanderful country is beyond me.But we will prevail.freedom always has.United we will stand tall.-If we continue to be devided,We will no dought all.We are 1 election away from regaining our freedom,There no room for any mistakes.Like on the battle field,if 1 of our troops make the wrong dission,It could cost his whole platoon-or squad.Today we find ourselfs in that vary situation,1 wrong vote-for the wrong person,can cost us everything,plz defend what so many died for.plzzz,the blood of our heros-is worth more than any demicrate ,They lost there rights as americans in my opion They lost there right to brath the same air as true americans,defeat them,then the constatution our brave heros faught for will punish those who stepped on it.god bless america and our troops,,lets gods country continue spreeding piece threw out the world.Over 1,000,000,000 brave americans,and imagrents from around the world died in the name of freedom.let not anyone,Distroy that.nov 2012 all americans can honor our fallin-can honor our brave fighting americans today,by distroying the socailist demicrates by defeating them,My friends on the right,you have 1 chance tomake things right.a vote for a demicrate anywere in any office in any town,is a vote to distroy freedom.think wise,think long,think about what gods gonna do to you if you ever vote demicrate again.untill the demicratic party has been cleaned up-and the trators jailed,you must go republican,Ive been a life long demicrate,6 months ago i came to th concluion my party is lost,im now a legal indapendent country comes 1st-not my america.pray for her.If dems when again,there will be no more chances,freedom,america-will go bank rupt,and die.

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