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Thursday, October 27, 2011

How Can Our Goverment-Take The Vary Rights Away-From The Vets-Who Faught For Them.Vets Are Being Deminised In The Name Of Islam

(((The United Socailist States Of America)))How does that sound america.Well get use to it.It will be here soon.Obama and his treasonist left wing base is determined to do exsacully that.And i fear they will accomplish it this time.You see it started back in the 60s when the socailist movement rallied against us comeing home from nam,spit as us,burned our flag,called troops baby killers,Guys like obamas best frien,(bill aires,)lead a fight against our goverment,bomed goverment buildings,killed police officers.Even aires wife went to jail for things she did against our goverment.In the mid 70s things quited down,life got back to went on,were did these radical animals that burned our flags go.Ill tell ya.they went from the streets to our class rooms.for the next 30 yrs they taught our kids in school, schools accross the country.ya america these radical anti-american communists relised just bomeing us wouldnt work,they started teaching,the same animals who killed cops,bomed goverment buildings ,were now teaching there garbage in schools.30 years later they had programmed a intire generation to hate there goverment.results of there passion to over throw america,they have almost intire political party run by them,the demicratic party has become right wing terrists,and braught there biggest supporters with them,low class americans who depend on goverment to take care of them.dont get me wrong,im not blameing the people who need help,there just the victims of this evil group of communists who was able to distroy our interstructure from the inside out.And fixing this problem wont be will be hard to repair something this geeration was taught to believe was say thats ok we still have us,we still have the older we dont,the elderly is exsacully who the dems went scareing them,and letting them believe the right is trying to take there retirement,has them supporting the communist party.So what do we do.(( pray ))We have a hard road ahead of us.All we can do is try to point out what going on,try to show them,there being lied to ,munipulated,and used.god nows its a lie.but convinceing our elderly were not throwing them away will be a challenge,trust me i no vary well the challenges in life,im parlised in both legs,i depend intirely on my socail security,i dont want to loose my only way to servive,i have the irs now trying to take my home for back taxes i dont even owe.i was scamed years ago,by some people who suckerd me into buying semi truck,fild bank rupsy 2 yrs later,lost everything,but the goverment wasnt satisfied,now they fined me over 100,000.00 in fines,and are trying to take my home,kentucky debits my account at differnt times takeing my socail security.leaveing me broke,my wife has breast cancer,her meds cost us a lot,my meds cost a lot,goverment dont care.So if anybody has a reason to fear them ,i do.but i pay attention to whats going on,I think outside the box,I see what the dems are doing,So america has a big problem,and if obamas re-elected,america is finished.So people i laid it out.forget this generation,there brain washed,dont waist your time on um,We have 1 chance and 1 chance only.we must show our elderly the big lie ,being told to them,and we must get them to the voteing booths.our elderly has a chance once mire,to save america,we must look at the same people who made america,to save it.our country can be saved friends,but were all gonna have to get involved.or we will loose.If your interested in what happend to me,at the va hospital.and why im so up-set and determined to defeat these left wing idiots,click this exsplanes what happened to me at our local clinic.yes i no 1st hand how racelly motivated our goverment is. HERES MORE PROFF VETS ARE BEING ABUSED AND USEDBY OUR GOVERMENT,MORE PROFF THERE RIGHTS ARE BEING STEPPED ON.

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