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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Evansville in va-clinic-has become a politically correct clinic.-A Vender Was Fired-Because He Didnt Support Obama

What has our country come to.Were is the country,My Children fight for Today,The Country I proudlt served For,my Father,my grand father,I have family who faught in the civil war.Theres 1 thing we all believed in ,Our Country,our freedom of speech,our 2nd amendment rights,to defend ourselfs.My family,and millions of others Faught,To defend the(( constitution of the united states of america.))But today all that means nothing,to our present goverment.We have a bunch of radical left wing idiots on a mission to distroy the vary thing that keep this country strong.Our constitution.
Im righting this artical not to blast the vary instaution built to help us vets,The evansville va clinic has been here for a long time,has helpped 1000s of vets needing help,Up untill 2008,theres never been a problem,But Today,we have a problem,My name is rodney bond,im not trying to hide behind anything,Ill tell you who i am,and ill tell you how i feel.thats me,Sometimes my mouth gets me in trouble,lol-like this artical probly will,.but i dont care,somebody must take a stand,If they dont,the vary morel fiber that made this country so great,will be lost.This ordeal im talking about happened 2 months ago.I said nothing in hopes they would reconcider,and relise what they did to me was wrong.Dont get me wrong,this clinic is full of wanderfull drs and staff members,theres only a few createing this problem,untill 2008 there never was a race issue here,The controversial election of barrak hussan obama has started a movement,accross this country thats rapidly distroying any and all racial problems we had.It must stop.Theres 2 imployees at the clinic who has taken there color and are useing it to push people around,there useing there color to get there way around the clinic,why,because we now have a black president.Ive disided now to right this because i have other hospitals and clinics i work at that have the same problem,not as bad as evansville,but its getting there,infact theres 1 hospital in paticular that hasa chaplin who was told he would be removed from the hospital duties he has,if he didnt stop discusing religion in the hall ways.yes people hes a chaplin,is dutys are god and spreeding the word,offer biblical compert to veterans.But because of orders sent down directly from the white house.Mention god in a va hospital or clinic,has been band,In fear of pissing off a musslum,or atheus.What in the name of god has happened to us people.obama has pushed race to get him elected,and is useing race,to stay in office.This must to my reason,for righting this.No matter were im at,what hospital or clinic im at ( politics )is the #1 subject talked about.vetsall over the country are discussing whats happened to this country,vets all over the country is asking themselfs,what they faught for,if all our goverment is gonna do is step on them.shut them up.well im not shutting up.I was working 1 day at the clinic as a vender,i sell military hats,flags,pow stuff,patches,so on.When i started there i was told day 1 to not talk politics,lol-me not talk politics,is like asking the president to stop useing his exsecutive order pin.I tryed trust me,but when 90% of the patients there want nothing more than talk politics,its hard,if a vet ask me a question,i answerd it,its my 1 st amendment right,and that vets,if the conversation got deep-i simply said id rather not get into that.I did ok for awhile,but when obama started talking cutting va benifits to our vets-it rally got out of control.1 day i was sitting there and 5 vets were standing around there talking shop,talking about obamas re-election,of course nobody wantedto see that.there was a couple vets there really passionet about this subject.1 said he was afraid of what might happen if he was re-elected,some dum hillbilly might try to take him -out.I stood up and told them,yes his is my fear to.i told them i hold to much respect for the seat that man occupys,to see anyone killed setting in it.i told them this conversation has to stop.well low and be-hold these to black employees heard part of the conversation ran to the cops,told them i threatins the right lie.they checked it out found out thats not what was said.they dripped it,they told me to calm these guys down or end this topic,i did,everything calmed down.that upset the black employees,so they went to the patent advicate person ,my boss,told her the same lie.she told me to leave,didnt investigate,nothing,she was afraid these 2 black employees would go higher,get her fired,so she told me to leave.just like that.i was told later it was the policy of the clinic,and that the clinic top dog set the rules

.I work in several hospitals,never has there been a complaint against me.just this clinic,why,because theres 2 black employees useing there color to get away with shit.its sad,but thats the way it is.infact 1 of these employees dont do nothing but walk around,dont work,but she wont be fired,because here afraid shell accuse them of raceisum,this lady never liked me,because there was a black couple in there before me selling hats,but stopped comeing,this gal thought they were fired because they wanted a white guy that bad america.well guess what i was told last week that black couples back-lol.dont figure.So to make a long story short.our rights as americans are being stripped away fast.we must get involved more than we are,we must hit the streets,do what it takes.we must put these Democratics out of busness fast.if we dont,the ( united socailist states of america )) will be born. By the way Im not Raceist,I have 3 dark skinned grand babies,And i also support ( herman cain ))for my president.

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