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Thursday, September 1, 2011


The Alaskan wilderness has been known for years for its rigid turran,mountains,its clean rivers,and abundant wild life.The people of Alaska learn to deal with the elimits,,the long nights.long days ,and un-tammed wild-life.yes Alaskas,1 of the last fronteers .alaska was one of the last states to join the  united states.And today might be the Last hope of this countrys survival.While obama and his left wing idiots are distroying us from within,alaska is thriveing,while the big banks are plotting there take over of the united state and the world,whats alaskans doing.there breeding women that will take ur head of if you mess with this women in sarahs home town,who seen a bear attacting her little dog,what does she do.go get a gun,nope no time,she just goes and punches the bear in the thats my kind of gal.What im trying to say ,America we live in a new age,were power and corruption ,create our laws,weve been lead to believe that government is the answer.when all along its always been the problem.W@e ass Americans need to stand up.If we dont were finished.Its no secrete big rich bankers run this country,its now secrete there looking to control the world econome,its no secrete obama and the democratic part are under the control and influence.Its no secrete,as (ron paul )hes been trying for years to shut down the fedral reserve bank,he knows,but still nobody lissions.why.Is america tired of being free,is America the cowards that obama toured the world telling them this shit,People there's still a chance to service this,But we must take a stand now,2012 will never arrive here,deep down you all now this.Obama has broken a min of 7 constitutional laws,These dems marched into power attempted to charge bush with war crimes.Whos the real criminals here bush,or-obama,he wasnt born yesterday,he nows he pissed the right off,by attempting to procicute bush,obama knows he will be prosecuted if he looses in 2012,Now and reasonable America nows,if you were in his shos and you now your down in the poles,and you no your relection bid is next to never,what would you do.take a chance and loose and be jailed for treason,or would you attempt to stay in power by whatever means.(MARSHAL LAW )-Is obamas only chance of survival,and trust me he is and will,create a unrest in america giveing him the athority to call it.Now ive always yelled it was going to be muslim extremists that will attact us,giveing obama the athority to call marshal law,But theres something else brewing to,something that would throw this country into mass anarky.Its called  RACE WARS,The other day obama told his demicratic retards to hold town hall meetings,distroy the teaparty by any means,He told these idiots flat out,(I DONT CARE IF YOU START A RACE WAR.)-America this man is willing to sacrafice our blood to main tain power.We need obama removed from office now,we cant wait till next election.if were to remain a strong vivorent people,we must stand up and remove him now.This is why the left FEAR SARAH PALIN.Shes tuff does what she says and fears no left wing terrorist,shes tuff- shes proved it .in alaska she ran for govenor on the platform that she would investigate and jail any corrupt polition,6 months into her being elected,what happened,ya-they were jailed,and the people got there just dues.sarah means what she says,does what she says,Sarah is exsacully what america needs,she relises her life would be in danger,she remembers history,Lincoln wouldn't fallow the big bankers rules,he was assassinated,,jfk -wouldn't fallow the rules,he was assassinated.America politits has become a nasty crooked busness.And sarah cant and wont be baught.yes she would be risking a lot to run.But she loves this country enough,she would die for it.she loves it that much.Shes a tuff gal,she knows what america needs,its up to America to want it.America save yourself,you dont have the government any longer ,there the enammie,our founding fathers seen these guys comeing,they new.THEY NEW.thats why the 2nd amendment was written.the right to own and bear arms,to protect us against foreign and domestic threats.yes they new.Have we been free so long we forgot what price was paid for what we got.America your future lies in your hands,your control.If you loose it,its your fault,dont blame anybody but yourself,

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Anonymous said...

I think who ever pen this is 100% correct!

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