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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Obama Bus Tour A Big Scam-It Never Happend.Was Probly The Biggest Lie Yet. What Is His Next Move,Your Not Gonna Like It.-America As We Now It Is Over.

Yes America Obamas hick town bus tour rolled threw 3 or for towns accross america.Was a wonderful idea of obamas to do this,get out there and meet the people ,who hes screwing,A good idea to look at these carefully choosen people straight in the eye,and say.(( YES I FEEL YOU-YES I HEAR YOU-)-But you must understand i inherited this mess.Dont blame me,blame bush,He did it.He left me to clean it up.I wander if he told them,,Yes bush left me a 1 trillion doolar debt,yes i put us 14 trillion in debt,yes i spent your hard earned money,to prop up my union bosses and rich far left billionare contributers,I wander if he told them ,sorry the 150 billion dollars i spent of your hard earned tax dollars on shouval ready jobs ,wernt so ready.I wander if he told them,I need another 4 years so i can finish what i started.So i funnaled this money to the unions,so they give it back to me to fund my 2012 campain.I wander if he told these left wing hicks,that his bus tour wasnt what it looked like,yes it drove into town all shinny and black.but what he forgot to tell him,his tour started at the airport,ya OBAMA RODE NO MORE THAN 2 MILES ON THESE BUSSES.Ya america,you left wing idiots,your hero again,wasted your tax dollars,Obama flew from location,to location,in a private jet,paid for by you the tax payer,But it gets better,He also chartered a hudgr transport plane to fly his 2 brand new bullit proff busses from spot to spot.Obama could bring himself to ride in such a thing,Hes not a common american,Hes the presadent.cost of this bus tour just over 500 million dollars,this is a low estimite. Why would he do this.I thought he felt our hurt,our pockit books,Obama has proven time,and time again,he could care less about america or its people,all obama cares about is extending hiss all exspences paid vacation to Washington.If he cared about america him and his ugly ass wife coulda both road on airforce 1 to Marthas vineyards,did they noooo.his wife was in a hurry to hit the private 2000.00 massage parlors in the vinyards,So she charterd a jet and flew there 4 hours early,at a cost of millions to the tax payer,Obama arrived 4 hours later.America when will you say enough.MY GOD THERE WONT EVEN BE A COUNTRY LEFT BY NOV 2012 AT THIS RATE..People our future -our childrens future our grand childrens future is at stake here.will there be a 2012 election,nooooo,anybody with any common sence will tell you that,think hard Obama nows hes broken at minimum,7 fedral and constitutional laws,he nows under another administration he will be investigated and jailled for this elaborate poncy scheam hes running.He nows hes finished,now put yourself in his shoes,your presedent,you have the power to do about anything,and you no if theres an election you will no dought loss ,what would you do.think hard,what would you do.((off course you would )), make an consecutive order to ban guns,you disarm as many Americans as possable,  then 2)you piss america of by starving them,regulating them in there homes,in public,then when america finally has enough,they hit the streets in anger,then what,3)-((MARSHAL LAW,)).Obama becomes king of thenew socailist republic of the new america.America this power is in his  hands,act now why you still have the constitution protecting you,remember ( 1)-by strikeing a pen,we go under marshal law,  ( 2 )He strikes the constitution as null and void,And under ex stream conditions he does have this power.then what--??? AMERICA DIES,) Think hard america you only have a few months to force this commie out of office.act fast,-time is not your friend

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Anonymous said...

Obama is a fake and fraud, so is Michelle! I'll bet their kids are rented, typical of scam artists, too bad they have to have scam artists for parents. Obama is all about Hitler's New World Order like a few other presidents we know, only he is pushing harder since he may be a one term prez. He is a typical African scam artist. I stopped supporting him when three words fell out of his mouth, "New World Order!" People will realize the health care law isn't about health care but about totalitarianism, when they line up to get their RFID implant chips in the next three years if he is re-elected. These chips will keep track of us all and when the government decides they have had enough of us, the chip will release a small amount of cyanide. Reminds you of the movie Logan's Run in a way, renew! This is sci-fi come true. Better get in shape, in all ways to fight the NWO.

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