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Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Revolution Begins Now-Rise up America,You Must,Rise Now,By The Stroke Of A Pen ,Our Future Will Disapear,RISE UP AMERICA,LET THIS WAR FOR FREEDOM START NOW

The time is now america,our country will never servive to 2012-you must defend your freedom yourself,you must stop letting our brave military forces to continue to die for our freedom.we must rise to this challenge,Im sick and tired of lissioning to brain dead demicrates,In a few weeks,by the  stroke of a pen,obama will by executive order-make 4 million illegal mexicans and muslim terrists leagal americans.this means 4-million votes added to the already brain dead demicratic party.America you must get your heads out of your asses,right now.Im sick of setting back while my sons fight wars,and keep us they fight in the east,our prsident is over throwing our goverment,fuck the feds,cia secreate servive,they had there chance to protect our constatution and us,they failed us.Its time we rise and defend ourselfs.If your freedom is worth sacraficeing for free goverment hand outs,your not worthy of calling yourself americans,plz do us a favor disapear,we dont want you.if protecting our constatution and freedom is worth it to you,think about your children,your takeing there chances of being free.rise up now,right now,organise ,march on washington,your city hall,everywere,stand upppppppp.dont prove obama right when he called america a nation of cowards-plzzzzz dont allow our country to fall to socailist commie scum-bags-plz defend this country,right now-not next week,we only have a few weeks to force obama and the dems from office ,you must act now.because if you dont-youve sacraficed your children and grand children,because you were cowards now,rise up and protect this country.

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