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Monday, August 22, 2011

Has America Given Up On Freedom-Liberty-and the persuit of Happyness-And The Constatution-For A free Ride From The Goverment.,Are You A Nation Of Cowards America.

America never in our history has our country been in a situation,since the great civil war,were the countrys future is in the hands of the people.But this time the situation is different.In the 1700s the people new what they wanted,they were united,as 1 and defeated a nation wishing to rule the people instead of letting the people govern themselves.Today we find ourselfs in the vary same situation.but this time.The people have never known any other life but freedom.because theyve never been ruled,or enslaved.Americans act as if there almost bored with freedom.They act like they want something new.This is why obama and the socialist movement is gathering to much steam.Socialism is something new.The sound of free money,allowing the government to care for you.sounds appealing to americans who have never known anything but government welfare.Yes America there's a growing movement to be lazy,worthless no-count people ,who wish to set on there asses and do nothing.This is the new america.Not the america our founding fathers had envisioned.What happened to the american dream.Did it die when obama was elected,or did obama just use the weakness of welfare Americans quest to get free money,free healthcare,free everything.Is this really our future.At a 9%-unemployment rate nation wide.And A 16% unemployment rate in the black community.All this equals trouble for our freedoms our country enjoyed the past 235 years.So it brings us to today.Obama and the desecrates are pushing hard to overthrow our government and our way of life.Every since the republican party went to war and freed the slaves,who were worked daily in the cotton fields,on the ship yards,the plantations,The demarcates were upset and the republicans.we took there way of life and made it illegal to own another human being.You would think after all these years the left would of finally excepted there defeat.but they didn't.this grudge went on and is still held today.Some Americans always thought the civil war was over slavery,but it really wasn't,in fact Robert e lee the confederate general was totally against slavery,Lee thought it was morally wrong to own another human being.So those of you who think the rebel flag means slavery,your dead wrong.The civil war was wagged Because America was divided in to country's,the (north and the south,)-the north wanted full control of the intire country.The confederate south,wanted nothing to do with it.So the war began.America (SLAVERY)-Wasn't the reason the civil war broke out ,it was control.So do me a favor,shut up with the black thing,shut up with the confederate flag thing.If you want to stomp out racism,Its easy to do.Just stop lissioning to democratic bull-shit,and propaganda,and defeat the desecrates ,infact stomp out the party all together,The democratic party stands for slavery,and social domination.heres some food for thought,(( martin Luther king )-was a republican,he new who enslaved his people,he new then what im telling you now.Thats why the demarcates had him killed.thats no new news,America ya need to get involved,stop lissioning to the lies you here on tv,i no you think there truths,but your wrong,the democratic party wants nothing more than to socialist this country,and get there slaves back,its always been this,there not for the people,there out for themselves.So unless your the cowards Obama called you in his 1st year of his presidency, id get up now and stop these socialists on the left.stomp out this democratic party once and for all .and restore our constitution to its original meaning.and restore natural law to our way of life.Because if you don't rise up right now,not next week.The united states of America.,,is finished.       (( story wrote by Rodney Bond,aug 22nd,2011))

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