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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Obama Bans God From Military Hospitals And from Military funerals/-But celibrates His God At Our White House,With A ((Ramadan Dinner ))-With Muslum Terrists Invited.

Obama marks Ramadan with Iftar dinner

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama is hosting an Iftar dinner Wednesday evening to celebrate the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.
The Iftar is the dinner that breaks the holiday's daily fast.  The White House says invited guests include religious and grass-roots leaders in the Muslim-American community as well as leaders of other faiths and elected officials.
Now lets get this straight,obama bans religious liturature,telling of god from all military va hospitals and goverment buildings,because it might up-set a muslum terrist.So he bans our god from being worshiped in hospitals were our heros are being treated for injurys they got defending our country our way of life,our god.I no this to be true because i ment a army chapplin in a va hospital last week who was threatined with being kicked out of hospital,because he was handing out liturature on how to be saved,and how to find comphert in god.he was stopped,and told never again will you preach outside the chapal again,he was told its the goverments new policy,but yet obama can celibrate is god on ramadan,and invite terrist to our white house on our tax dollar.and celibrate there muslum holiday.and worship mohamid.he give strict orders to all goverment personel that god will no longer be allowed in military prayer,at our heros funerals,this order come directly from the president.but yet he can sit in our white house and spend our tax dollars to celibrate his god.this isnt just wrong ite immoral,in human,and treasonist.Now america if this dont prove to you this man is a muslum,nothings gonna,he bans our god,allows his to be worshiped in our white house under our noses,hes rubbing our noses in this,but yet weres the out cry,weres the people forceing this muslum out of office,out of our white house,were the american pride we once had,wetre is it,holder mentioned 3 years ago to world leaders that america was a nation of cowards,obamma repeated it 1 year later in the middle east.are you nothing but cowards,he banned our god-braught his in and you say nothing.wake up people this man is the face of evil-were soon gonna start dieing because his brothers are about to hit us,america we have been takein over ,its to late there already here,obama was told 3 days ago by the demicrateic party to forget working with the republicans pass these bills useing exsecutive orders.this means hes gonna ban guns,ban any means of self defence.then send his brothers in to mass kill us,behead us.murder us-all in the name of mohamad,you dum asses cant you see what him and the demicratic party has done.were finished,unless you rise up now,in force.and i mean now,were finished.your gonna start finding your children beheaded,murders,your mothers your fathers ,brothers sisters,all murderd in the most brutal means,god help us all if you dont rise up now.the end of america is at our door step-do you defend her,or give up and be beheaded,think people in the koran we are all infadels,all of us ,even you retarted freekin idiots who call themselfs demicrates,your infadels 2-your as dead as we are.mohamad discriminates against nobody,rep-dem-indapendents were all infadels,were all now targits,and your leader did it you elected a terrist as your president.America it vary near,there will be no 2012 election,there will be nothing but blood and death in our streets ,thank your president.he sold america out.

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