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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Is Obama The Man God Warned Us About.-Does God Give Us The Power To Beat Him.Are Demicrates The Angles Of The devil,The Answers Within

I pledge my elegance to the flag of the united states of america,Do you remember those words america.I hope so,because today weve come to a cross road,in our way of life.Today we are being lead into the gates of hell by a man who could vary well be the man revelations warned us about.His every move,his every word is bent on the destruction of our country, But our problem isn't him,He can be beat,its his base,the democratic voters,They still support him,They still believe his lies.Why is this a problem,he has lied to them openly,hes looked um in the eyes and lied to them.The evil this monster holds is scary.Up untill now i didnt care,i new we would beat him at the poles,But now i see clearly,like obama sees clearly,there will not be a election in 2012.His faithful followers will support him not reliseing hes the man our god warned them about.He has to be,im convinced hes the choosen 1.But god warned us,he gave us the power to change our ways,to fight evil in his name.we have god behind us.But the problem many americans have the stomic to do whats necessary to protect our way of life.Its prodicted by many interpiters 2012 is the end.god will return.Obama is completely dismanaling our constatution,our life style.our country.and the elections were looking forward to -so we can fire him ,all falls in the same time frame.2012.Is it time to prepare for gods return,Or is this gods way of telling us to stand up-protect his memorys,his laws,his way of life he laid down for us.Americans,christains everywere need to open there eyes up.Is god giveing us 1 more chance to do whats right by him.Or is obama the real anti-christ,and are we about to give in to the devil without a fight.Our future is in our own hands.The demicrates are like gods people who turned on him,and allowed our savior to be crusified,just so we would be allowed to live.Is god a throw away,or is obama a throw away.America those are your chooses,there none left.we fallow obama into hell.or we fight the man and protect god and our way of diside,ive made my dission.god means more to me than any man.

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