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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Will The Teaparty Support Whoever The GOP,Nomminates,The truth behind the Teaparty,And the demicratic Party,

This countrys been threw hell and back.Weve had good days and bad days,Threw our history,our nathion has been attact from every angle,But she always survived.Our framers new our country,and our laws would be challenged,they even seen obama and the socailist movement comeing.By infiltrateing the demicratic party,the communist movement has done a masterful job,at getting into our media,our tv sets-and our schools.and now there in our goverment,changeing our laws.Yes people the united states of america,has been attact from the inside out.We have a long up-hill battle ahead of us,all the elimints are against us,we have vary little to fight with,there in every cornor of goverment,there holding powerful spots in all of our local goverment.the communist party has or (DEMICRATES )As there now called,has managed to infiltrate every vital piont of interest in our goverment.Theyve shreeded our constatution to the point,most americans eather dont care,or dont relise whats going on.Im not saying all demicrates are communists,because there not.But there faith and dedication to there party,renders them,useless to this country.because of there dedication to the demicratic party,they dont see whats happening,they can see there being brainwashed,or used by these communist.The communist movement seen this strong bond and capitalised on it.So now whatever the demicratic leaders,say-the base lissionsand believes,I learnt 1st hand this weekend,I was at a history fest this weekend in owensboro kentucky.was a wanderful event,we reinacted historical events,from the 1600s=threw the 2nd ww2.It was wanderful to see how our country was founded-and defended threw the years.The communist movement has attempted to distroy us for 100 plus years,but failed,I was there selling flags ,from the 1600s-to now.i was impressed that this being the 1st history fest-the crowd of people who showed up.But next to my cabin,was a older couple,dressed as colonial settlers,they were from the historical group (the sons and daughters of the revolution)based out of southern indiana.The name was fitting,if you didnt no anybetter,you would sware they were teapartyers,they were for less goverment,less taxes,they believed in the 1st and 2nd amendment.,Infact they stood for everything the teaparty stands for.wanderful couple.UNTILL. I went over to talk to them.I intro duced myself,told um my name,i told um how impressed i was at there knolage of our american haratage,.was a friendly meeting,untill i handed them m busness card,on the card it said teaparty patriot.they lost control,threw the card back at me,accused me of being a trater to this dont get it,they said and stood for everything the teaparty stands for.but because of media scrutny,far left evil lies and untruths,they have this older couple convinced,the teaparty is trying to high jack this country,they said there doing better know than under bush,they said finally a man like obama steps up and goes after the big evil oil companyies,the big rich busness,they said its about time these evil job creators were cut down and there money taken and given to the problem obama gave it to his political contributers and unions.Brainwashed plain and simple,wanderful people,except theyve been lead to believe to not wavior,dont vote against the party,these people will vote for obama again.that scares me,that the left media-and power base-has so much control over how our elderly think.ive seen it everywere,Even my town were i live,in henderson kentucky,is demicratical controled,infact its so bad here,they make it almost imposable to vote republican.there as corrupt in henderson as they are in washington.the power struggle has been inbedded deep.into our goverment.So we will need all the help we can get.personally if we dont find a way to reach people like this and show the truth,obama will be elected do you convince a person who was taught in school-that goverment owes them,they shouldnt have to work,that the goverment is sappose to pay do you convince a person liveing on welfare,depends on free money and hand outs-that its wrong,how do you convince these brain washed idiots-that there lazy ass unamerican ways are gonna distroy us.It will be hard.but if we approch them slowly,be nice-show them whats really going on,even if we just bring a 4th of them around,we can retake our country.So this brings me back to why i wrote this artical.Will the teaparty back whoever the gop-nominates.We better.i see no other choose.were so divided now our nation is bleeding to death,we must and have to put a banage on this cut,and slowly allow it to heal.We must unite,and yes the teaparty must get behind whoever is nominated.Theres no quik fix here, america,anybody,is better than what we have now,we must unite once again,get behind whoevers nominated.for the good of this country.The ideal fix would be to unite,impeach obama and repeal all his laws-appoinments to differnt law possitions,undo everything,but were to dived to do the,the race card has been masterfully manipulated by the left,so good infact the republicans are willing to allow our country to fall to communisum,than try to impeach this trator,and be called a raceist.the politically correct thing to do is nothing.So here we are today,the left has switched to communisum,the right are cowards,yes,for the good of the country,we must unite behind whoever is if we want a good nomminee right of the bat,we better get to work.right now.friends americas hurting,badshe needs our faith-and love for her.she once again needs our loylity.are you loyle enough to this country to defend it or die for it.because if your not.weve wasted our time,just let this country die.its up to you.

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