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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The famouse weier gate picture-that will bring him down.( The weiner of weiners now public-)meet the real weiner (oscar myers )might bid on

If you  think this is bad,you aint seen nothing yet,weiner is like many powerful figures in washington today.there power has over shadowed there morel beliefs.weniers not the only idiot out there who thinks there power will give rthem what ever and whoever they want.when we elect our goverment officals,we elect them to do the peoples busness,saddly enough,1 year in washington,is like 10 years,if your corruptable,theyll get you.weiner is just 1 case of a demicrate who let his (weiner)dicktate his every move.although vary inapropreate,there has been much worse crap likec this,the most famouse being ( bill clinton, and the intern )you now the young intern who spent more time under president clintons desk,than at her own.although clinton was impeached,he was able to keep his job,now if that was bush,jesus-demicrates woulda wanted his head.but not in washington.our politions,manly the left has a differnt standard to live by that main stream america.but yet the american public excepts it if its a demicratice porn star.why.why does the public except these crooked-power hungry, look at these articals and escapades,and you wander,what has happened to the american way of life.american morels,weres  our  christain leaders,weres god,god was once imbeded deep in to our thanks to the left-god is no longer excepted in goverment,and now you can see the results.clinton getting blow jobs on the job.interns male and females can drop there pants,raise there skirts-or open there mouths,and secure there future in politics,how sad,is this really what the american people want,from there elected officals,and the sad thing its a problem world wide.we have the french presidental front runner on house arrest here in new york for rapping a made.we haveseveral world leaders,in trouble because of sex scandles,america this has to stop.were better than this.we need god braught back into goverment,our schols,all our public work places,look whats happened to us.weiner is just the latest me hes gone,and there will be many more.the left has gone of the deep end,anybody who attemps to run against them,they uleash the dogs,and distroy good honest americans.its sad that politics has reduced itself to scum-bags like it has.we must stop this culture of corruption america.its out of control.if we dont.this once wanderful country,will go down the fact history had this problem once,i can compare our politions today-to the roman impire,think about it,sex,corruption,controled the romans,and god distroyed we are today,todays politions acting like sex starved animals,and the public excepting it.are we reliveing the days of the romans,will god have to come to america,and distroy this impire of corruption.according to revolations-it is.

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