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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

What Kind Of Person Sacrifices The Lives Of There Children,For Power Today,A COMMIE MABY-OR A DEMICRATE

DEMS-WANT MORE,MONEY.They want us to raise there allowence.Are you kidding me.RAISE THE DEBT CEILING AGAIN.these dems are acting like spoiled little rich kids.DADDY GIVE ME MORE.America youve already given your freedom away,your lazyness accomplished they want more of your money.Just how ignorent are you people.your to stuppid to care for yourself,so u elected obama to be ur care giver.How about tell ur daddy,stop spending,close unesarry jobs,pump more oil,govern with what you got,not what you want.THESE CORRUPT-POLITIONS,you have elected to take care of you ,are abuseing you.People,i dont understand,Your growen ups,most of you are educated.not allof you were taught by socailist commies,hell bent on the distruction of our once great country.What is wrong with you people.Why do you hate this country so much,you would give up your freedom,to have these demicrates-and republican commies be your mommie and daddy.Im sick to think you people arnt smart enough to wipe your own asses,you need a crooked ass polition to wipe it for you.Why does our military today still fight for a freedom ,youve already give up on.Im so sorry you guys hate this country,im so sorry you fell for the bull-shit the media gave so sorry,your teachers,and parents failed you.Im so sorry,life was so hard on you you distroyed your only hope of survival-THE CONSTATUTION.Im so sorry your life is so fucked up-you diside to punish your children and grand children.Im so sorry you allowed obama to become your god instead of jesus.Im s so,sorry,you felt your faith-and unity to the demicratic party,trump-a free demicratice,united states of america.Im so sorry you choose to WAR.Over piece,yes ass-holes,War-Because theres still enough patriotic americans,who dont hate this country-to fight to keep it.I just hope you far left ass holes dont think your blood is any color but red.Because trust me your blood flows red-just like ours,-you guys might hate america so much-your willing to distroy your children and granchildrens hurt our country-but trust me.this movement will lose-this movement to overthrow this country will fail-and 1 more thing,start thinking of what your gonna tell your children,and grand children,on why you though,slavory-and communist rule-was better for them than freedom.start thinking of your exsplanation,of why you shot your own children in the back- for free money now,instead of working,start thinking of how your gonna exsplane to your children,that your betrayed the 1000s of dead americans who died in war defending your right to be free.And 1 more thing,If you do come up with a good enough reason why betrayed your country,your children,your god-tell us all,im currious what this country did to you,to make you hate us so much-you sacrafied your own children,to hurt it.

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