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Saturday, May 28, 2011

America has been Over thrown-Americans have proven To be Cowards-(Why )-You Allowed 1000s to Die for Your Freedom,DEMICRATES Have Betrayed us.Will you rise now.

       WATCH THIS VIDIO BEFORE YOU READ THIS,CLICK LINK                                                                                                                                            I                                                                                                                                                       Im sorry i ended up politiciseing this poor womens hurts,and sorrows-but what happened to her husband was what i was attempting to find.a real true american patriot.her husband was exacully what our country use to have plenty off,heros,but there fadeing away.why do i say this.its there generation mid to upper 20s,that the socailist movement went after.they didnt get him.think about it.his parents musta implanted our american haretage deep into him-because the demicratice movement to socailise this country-didnt take with him.a demicratewoulda never done what he did.only someone with deep convictions coulda done what he did.this is the america i want back.this is the america people died for,this is the america our founding fathers visioned for us.this is the america worth fighting for.friends 2012 elections will not happen,this movement lead by( sheik obama)-knows if they loose 2012-there going to jail.think about this,you win ,you rule-you loose you go to prison.what would you do.the demicrates,and a few republicans-shreaded this wanderful constatution,in the name of socailist power,and control.if we win 2012-they go to prison,we loose-they rule.theres nothing the dems-will not do,to regain power.they have no choose.and there #1 supporters are the low income welfare people-and the media.they both feel for the bull-shit,those are the people we must go after.friends,it will take a full blowen revolt of the american people to stop this take-over-you must revolt now,not later-ive got a bad feeling about the 4th of july-our nations birthday.what a perfict time to slap us in the face.we will be under marshal law by next me,if we dont act now. A policed state will soon be here,if we dont,Watch this vidio,this happened last week in of all places virgina. In a few short months-this will be this resent police action against older americans,this will piss you off. I cant stress it enough america,this is the end of our way of life,its join or die time.Freedom has been taken from us,its only a mater of marshal law ,standing between the dems-and full socailist rule.america do you hate this country this bad,that youll just sit there and not even try to keep your freedom.obama is a smooth talking bull-shitter,theres a reason why the socailist movement picked him to be president.america,my demicratice friends,youve been betrayed,rise now-revolt now.because if you dont.your not worthy of saying ( im an american,)A true american would never stand for this.were dead as a nation soon,if we dont revolt now-and force these commies out of office,our constatution grants us this power,-use it while you still can.   

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