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Friday, April 15, 2011


With Todays political playing field,the demicrats have nobody,just obummer,Everyones afraid to challenge the socailist poster child.The right ,this firld is about to light up.many,many presidental hopefulls are already starting there rederic.get ready america,its gonna get wild.everybody nows,this will probly be the most importent election we will ever votr fact if obummer has his way,it will be our last.You see if your not that up to date on a socailist goverment,wont be hard to find,look at russia.china,korea,socailisum is nothing but a blankit name for communisum.So that makes this election,1 of the most importent elections in modern time.This 2012 election (WE MUST GET IT RIGHT.)The vary existence of our country depends on it.The biggest shocker of the hole thing is how the left politions,and the left media has propped up obummer,right or wrong.hes god to the left.I just dont understand,were the demicratic voter,lost interest in there country.How they allowed themselfs to be munipulated,and convinced the right is the bad guy,the right wants ti kill gramma,the right wants to make the rich richer,and the poor dependent on goverment.LOL,Whats happened to the independent thinker,were did the open minded demicratic voter go.weres thehard working demicratic voter who once believed as we do,hard work,and be all you can be,and rep-your rewards,make all you can,.weres that demicratic voter,Are they all on the unimployment line,is the hole dam party on welfare.were are the patriotic voters.who once new hard work can and will give you a better life.Im just sick to even admit im a demicrat,just sick,i ask my self every day.what happened.I just hope i can once again vote for a demicratic tickit.America,what power does this guy hold over the party,what power does he hold over demicratic politions,were they will stomp on our constatution,denigrade our bill of rights,shred our rights as free americans ,and do this at will ,with no remorse,no fear of retalition,from the people,I refuse to believe all dems have got a hate for this country,there not cowards like obummer told the world,they cant be that stuppid they cant see,the media is lieing.when i tv station ,or 1 radio station ,does nothing but bash,the right,never a good thing to say,that right there should be the eye opener,but its not.
between now and 2012 ill do my part,i will go 1 on 1 with every dem i can,and try to show them,it wont be easy,1 thing ive found most dems believe because there a dem,they have to vote for a dem,my god who told them that.ive been a dem all my life.but my parents always told me ,votring is the 1 right you have that many died for.they told me always vote,and never ever waste that vote,always vote for the person best suited for that job ,whatever party they belong to.said always put americas best interist line voteing is why were in this mess today.and politically correct politions,its so sad even our politions betray there countrys trust,to avoid being called a raceist.jesus america ,give black americans a brake, they didnt just fall off the hay waggon on there head,theyre not stuppid.we all went to the same schools,anybody with half a brain can see these politions love to invock race into everything.its bull-shit.yes some will use race as an excuse to start shit,but most are decent inteligent americans.politions who use race-are cowards,if there invocking race into anything,its because there stuppid,there bill probly sucks,and they now its a lost cause,so they use race to try to force it threw,tired of politically responcive politions,America i think its time we stand up ,i dont care what dam color you are and say f-this shit,feed up-i want your asses out,limit politions to 2 terms,like the prez,and thats it,no more full pay checks for life,like they get now after 1 term,thats stuppid,2 terms thats it,no more free health ins for life,if these bastards had to pay there own ins,you bet your ass theyll pass legislation ,that will lower health care costs,why should they pass laws to make our lifes easyer,if they get everything free.limit there pay to ex-what our troops are paid,whats funny its already in our constatution no goverment rep-shall pay themselfd more than our fighting soldiers,why are they makeing 10 times more than our troops,ill tell you,we the people never challenge there authority,america its about time we stand up.or were finished,these renegade politions are corrupt,fire every dam 1 of them,and elect all new representives,its time we get representation,without all the bull-shit.that brings me to today.
we have a big field out there to choose from,good 1s,,the teaparty has some fantaskic people out there like palin,backmann,west,all ex canadates,but 1 man im toally impressed with,donald trump.yes hes a wealthy billionar busness man.whats that tell you.hes a job creator,a busness builder,he will pass laws that wont hurt his bus,but help it.ya now why i dont care if these laws he passes helps him,its easy,every law he passes that helps him ,will allso help 10s of 1000s of other busnesses thus creating millions of jobs,thus putting america back to work.thus causeing the overseas companys to bring there companys back to the us.who cares if the rich are getting richer,the more they make ,the more they grow,the more jobs creared,lodgical wouldnt you say.I think so.The only americans who like the idea of stealing money from the rich,and redisribute it to the poor,are the lazy ass idiots that always wanted shit for free anywere,these people will never amount to shit anyway,so america,look real hard into your heart,do you want america to become strong again,vote against the socailist left scum-bags,demic ratic voters plz stop and think what your doing,join us ,help us rebuild america.

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