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Monday, April 25, 2011

The New Black Panther Movement, In-sighting Raceial Violence.Tells Black americans To ((Attact Teaparty Members)) Says (( The Black Man ))-Is The True Holicost Survivor

America Theres A New Form Of  terrisum in our country.Its not alkida,its not muslum radicals.Yes these are no dought things we must worrie about.But it gets worrse.A few years ago,napolitano said the real threat was home growen terrisum.she accused our military heros as being terrist.Obama told the world we were no longer a christain nation.He told the World he was about to change the fundamental way this country was run.He appoligised to the world for the bad things this nation did in the past.and in the same breath,told us we needed a well armed civilion army,bigger than our military.We thought it was the union he was talking about.But we might be way off base.Last year he orderd his att general to drop all charges against the black panther movement ,why,it was a open shut case of intimidation.But charges wete dropped,Today i find out there travaling to shools recruting young blackman to join there movement.Then i lission to this vidio put out today,from the leader of this new black panther movement.telling his fallowers to hunt down teapartyers,told his fallowers the blackman was the real holicost survivor,He told them whites must die last week.America we got it all wrong.Obama does hate america,he does dispise this country,and he wants white americans to pay,The sad partof this whole issue,the demicratic party  ,has allined itself with this radical movement.America the black panther movement,and the nation of islam are insighting a new race war in america.there telling black americans we ((THE  WHITE BASTARDS )must die.i heard another black activist ass-hole telling youg black people they must do there part in killing the white man,America its pretty plane now what obamas plans are,Obama the long legged mack daddy as some black ministers call him,is gonna start A NEW RACE WAR,My god here comes the 50s and 60s all over again.this is obamas-new civilion army america,hes arming the black panthers,and the million strong ((nation of islam ))protect yourselfs america,buy up ammo-guns-anyhing you can,it looks like we will soon be fighting radical islam,and our fellow black brothers,there insighting a race war .the demicratic party has lost it,the same party that owned all slaves id attempting to start a race war can the blacks in america support the same party that owned un,rather long agree to fight white americans and start dieing again,why.why.

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